Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daylight Dies - A Frail Becoming (2012)

After their 2008 "Lost To The Living" album, which had very positive feedback, the death doom metal band, Daylight Dies, has finally released a brand new studio album. "A Frail Becoming" is nine tracks that runs for  a total of 48 minutes and 50 seconds long. The band continues to deliver devilish growls and phenomenal song structure, including wild guitar melodies and exploding drum fills.

The album opens with "Infidel" which leads with a slow introduction of eerie guitar melodies with a light distortion. The volume slowly builds as monstrous growling vocals fall in along with violent chugging guitar riffs. The verse will send chills down your spine with its beastly vocals. The refrain contains a dark and yet catchy melody as the growling continues to pound you into the ground. You'll also run into some wild guitar solos in between verses as they drop melodic notes from all directions. "A Pale Approach" picks up with relentless snares and kicks forcing you to bob your head to the beat. heavily distorted guitars surround you with a groovy tune that will have you humming along in no time. Chugging riffs take over during the verses while the lead guitar plays a devilish melody on top. Lead vocalist, Nathan Ellis, does a terrific job with his consistent vocals. Definitely make sure you check out the lyrics to this monstrous track.

Towards the middle of the album you'll come across a track called "Dreaming Of Breathing." It opens with a mellow guitar riff and a soothing tempo. This is quickly disrupted by massive guitar riffs that begin to chug away with vicious chords. They are joined by hell raising growls as thunderous drum rolls rumble heavily in the background. All hell breaks lose until the middle of the track where all the instruments quickly fade except for the gloomy guitar riff from the beginning. More exploding drums reenter as a gorgeous guitar solo takes over. Monstrous drums reappear with mind blowing fills as cymbals constantly shatter in the background. As the track fades, you run into "A Final Vestige." This also has a softer opening as soothing string fill the background while a lead guitar riffs slows float on top with ravishing melodies. The vocals take a complete turn as they open the verse with gentle clean vocals that are delivered in a whispering tone of voice. Eventually the vocals switch back to overwhelming growls which echo across the track. They go back and forth between vocals throughout most of the track giving the album a real beauty and the beast type of feel. There is also a guitar solo towards the middle of the track which will absolutely take you breath away. Its soothing melodies shine above the soft drumming and bass lines. Of course vicious chugging guitars come rolling soon after as they destroy everything in their way. This track will have you at the edge of your seat the entire time.

The final track, entitled "An Heir To Emptiness," is an eight minute and 41 second powerhouse. It opens with haunting screams of wretched guitar riffs that lead right into monstrous chugging riffs and powerful kicks and snares. Cymbals are are relentless as they are constantly colliding in the background. The tempo is slow as it builds towards the verses. Demonic growls will have you shitting your pants as they come in with powerful tones. The lead guitar continues to float a devilish riff in the background as well, surrounding you with dark ambient tones. The heavy pounding of the snare drum will have you throwing your devil horns in the air throughout its entirety. As you get towards the middle of the track you'll notice a transition almost as if they changed songs completely. The drums fade out as a beautiful guitar riffs takes over. This builds for about a minute until you're finally greeted with more monstrous growls and heavy drum fills. The tempo continues to stay at a slow pace giving you just enough time to breath in between each explosive roll. This great thing about this track is that it keeps you hooked the entire time and when it's over it leaves you wanting more and more. This is the perfect way to end this incredible album.

"A Frail Becoming" is by far Daylight Die's best work of their career so far. They are one of those bands that just keep getting better and better with each and every album. It's not often that you find a really good death/doom metal band from the United States. These guys have definitely stepped up with this new album and are definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.


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