Friday, October 5, 2012

Sylosis - Monolith (2012)

There's nothing better than pulverizing guitar riffs and machine gun double bass pedals to get your blood flowing. Sylosis delivers exactly that. They band has recently released their new studio album, entitled "Monolith." It contains 11 venomous tracks that are just waiting to beat you face in. Their intense growling vocals and mind blowing solos and breakdowns will have you shitting yourself from start to finish.

The album opens with soft eerie guitar notes in "Out From Below." This is followed by violent chugging guitar riffs covered in monstrous distortion. Exploding cymbals collide in in the background as you're led into a slaughter of fast pace melodic guitars. Thunderous drum rolls rumble heavily with wicked double bass pedals and hell raising snares and toms. Vicious growls come flying in with aggression and will rip your head off. The fast tempo of the song and intense drum fills will have you up and moshing immediately. This seven minute  beast goes from thrashing verses to stomping breakdowns and unique bass lines that go along with them. The deep kick will definitely blow you speakers.

A smooth bass line opens up "Fear The World." But don't let this slow tempo introduction fool you. It's slowly followed up with relentless snares and wild melodic guitars that throw notes from all direction. The vocals deliver a mixture of harsh screams and growls that will knock you out of your seat. The structure of the song changes tempo throughout the song and will have you hooked the entire time. Rapid snare rolls come rumbling in half way through the track and they lead you into more violent chugging guitars. You'll also come across a wild guitar solo that runs up and down the musical scales like it's nothing. "Behind The Sun" has a darker sound to it with demonic riffs and eerie melodies in between verses. The refrain slows down and really lets you focus on just the vocals while the verses carry them with more melodic riffs that steal the show. The guitars are layered perfectly throughout the track and definitely surrounds you with some ominous tones.

Later you'll come across a six minute and eight second track by the name "Paradox." The track introduces some of the most wicked drum fills I have ever heard. quick snares and toms clash together while cymbals shatter behind them. Blaring guitar riffs follow as the verse kicks in with more monstrous growls. This is another fast tempo'd track that will have you pumping your devil horns in the air. You'll notice that the refrain carries a little more melody to it as well. It definitely has a catchy sound to it. Don't be surprised to find yourself coming right back to this track.

The final track, entitled "Enchrined," goes out with a bang as more relentless guitar riffs come crashing in along with devilish melodies and more vicious growls and shouting vocals. The tempo constantly changes up the speed as you're hit with both fast and slow tempos. They even add in some quiet clean singing at the end. It definitely leave you wanting more.

Sylosis completely pounds you into the ground in this new album. "Monolith" leaves you gasping for air as you are suffocated by jack hammering double bass pedals, rapid distorted guitar riffs and solos and intense vocals that will rip your head off. The structure of each track is unique as well and will have you at the edge of your seat at all times as you're waiting for what's about to hit you next. Definitely take some time and check this new album out.


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