Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Podcast: Episode 91 (Top 10 EPs Of The 2013... So Far)

Much like our top album list, narrowing down the best EPs of the year was equally tough. Darrell spent hours and days, agonizing over the bands and the order of his list, trying to make sure his listening pleasure was best represented. New bands, old bands, whoever. These are the best short form albums of the first half of the year.

The List:

1. Tatanka - Tatanka (Review)
2. Moss Of Moonlight - Winterwheel (Review)
3. Grayceon - Pearl And The End Of Days (Review)
4. Soliloquium - The Concept Of Escape (Review)
5. Hvile I Kaos - EP (Review)
6. Façade - Façade (Review)
7. Aleph Null - Belladonna (Review)
8. Unbowed - Unbowed (Review)
9. The Howling Void - Runa (Review)
10. Sleestak - Book Of Hours (Review)

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