Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wisdom - "Marching For Liberty" (2013)

As I’ve stated in countless other reviews, power metal this year has found its resurgence. What the bands are putting out now are some of the best in the genre. Adding to the amazing catalog of albums is Wisdom with their third full-length, “Marching for Liberty.” I’m not going to lie, I’ve never heard their other albums before this one, but what I can tell you for sure is that this album kicks ass. On ‘Marching for Liberty” Wisdom doesn’t break down the wall or have anything really innovative. What they do have is a collection of songs that are well written, catchy and have some of the best choruses in the universe. They know what they want to achieve and they know how to deliver in spades.

“World of the Free” is a perfect track to give the listener an idea of how powerful the vocals are on this album. “Dust of the Sun” is one of the best tracks and has one of the best choruses I’ve ever heard. Everything about this track is perfect. The vocal melody in the verses to the guitar work is pure power metal genius. Two tracks in and they already get massive props from me. “War of the Angels” is a little heavier, complete with a killer riff. Again, the chorus is jaw dropping. “Failure of Nature” is a little slower than previous tracks and showcases melodic riffs that will get the listener headbanging. Gábor Kovács and Máté Bodor’s guitars complement each other perfectly. “The Martyr” picks the pace back up and delivers another stellar track on the album. Like “Dust of the Sun,” “The Martyr” is power metal genius. “God Rest Your Soul” has a great acoustic intro and it really showcases Gábor Nagy’s vocals. He fucking tears it up on this song. The guitar solo is also spectacular. “Take Me to Neverland” doesn’t bring anything new to the album, but it’s a solid track nonetheless. “Wake Up My Life” and “My Fairytale” miss the mark a little bit. Both tracks just don’t seem to go anywhere or showcase something that hasn’t already been done on the album thus far. “Wake Up My Life” is a good attempt at an acoustic ballad, but it just falls flat. “Have No Fear” is another slower track that has the most epic chorus on the album. “Live Like A Beast” picks the speed back up again and it’s one hell of a track. The vocal melodies are mind boggling. The closing track, “Marching For Liberty” is the longest track on the album and it’s a great way to close it out. It’s definitely the most epic track on the album and also the most varied. Everything they’ve done on the album all comes together in one nice, tight package.

So I’ve realized that I said “chorus” about one hundred times in this review, but they really have to be heard. “Marching For Liberty” has the best choruses this year. I can’t think of one band with vocal melodies like this. It’s not just the vocals; every other instrument is great as well. The guitarists do a stellar job and the drumming is solid. Although the album does hit a couple of low points, it doesn’t detract too much from the overall experience. The majority of the album is fantastic. Like I’ve said before, while it doesn’t really do anything new, “Marching For Liberty” is still a solid album and is a must listen for any power metal fan.


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