Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Operadyse - Pandemonium (2013)

When I thought the year had reached its pinnacle for symphonic metal, another band emerges and completely changes the game. Has anyone ever wanted a symphonic album that never falters, never missteps and one that is epic beyond all imagination? Well your savior has arrived. French metal heroes Operadyse have created something completely mind-blowing with “Pandemonium.” As far as debut albums go (sorry Elessar and Tyranny of Hours), this one takes the fucking cake. Never before have I heard such beautiful melodies and emotional passages on a band’s first album. The only thing you can do when you listen to “Pandemonium” is sit there with your jaw on the floor. Ok so I built this album up to the heavens, I guess it’s time for me to dive into it, right? Here we go.

If any of you have listened to their EP “Hope Era Dies,” erase that from your memory. The new vocalist Frank Garcia gives the performance of a lifetime on the album, and he makes the band a thousand times better than they were. There isn’t one ounce of comparison between new Operadyse and old Operadyse. The new version of “Celestial Sword” is downright gorgeous. You want symphonic metal perfection? This is it. Everything from the incredible vocals to the movie score keyboards to the blazing solo, this song has it all. “Unfold Legend” and “Keeper of the Flame” pick up the speed but they don’t lack the beautiful melody. The album really hits its pinnacle with “The Path of Divine.” The guitar work is uplifting, thought inducing and played with heart and soul. The bridge on this track has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written; it will make you close your eyes and just soak in the beauty. “Fairies’ Secret Garden” is another re-done track that sounds much better than it did. This track has some bad-ass guitar riffs that will have you banging your head in no time. “Arkanya” is yet another amazing track with a beautiful bridge that continues the flow of the album oing perfectly. The title track “Pandemonium,” is yet another impressive song on this beast of an album. On “Nevermore,” Damien Marco plays his ass off on the guitar. The guitar solo is outstanding as are the keyboards. The album closes with “Frozen” which is a perfect send-off. It’s hauntingly beautiful and the album couldn’t have ended any better than this.

I don’t think I’ve said the word ‘beautiful’ this many times at once before. “Pandemonium” deserves all the praise I’ve given it and the sad part is my words don’t do this album justice. The entire time this album was on I was completely speechless and almost in tears. How can something in the metal category be so emotional, gorgeous, gripping and good without ever falling short of anything? The vocals, drums, guitar, bass and keyboard are all incredible. Operadyse has made an album that will stay in your heart and soul long after you listen to it. This is more than just music on an album; it’s a dream world that needs to be revisited again and again. Ok, I’m going to stop beating a dead horse with how good this album really is. Before I’m done just let me say one more thing “, Pandemonium” is a groundbreaking and epic album that is nothing short of a masterpiece.


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