The Sampler...

The Sampler:

We have compiled some of our favorite tracks from some of our favorite new bands, and put them onto a single CD, titled "Sorrow Eternal: The Sampler, Volume 1." Below, you will find the tracklist and album artwork. To order, simply head over to our Bandcamp site. The cost will be $5 for a digital download, or $6, plus shipping for a physical copy. And yes, we will ship anywhere and everywhere. A big thank you goes out to all of the bands and their management for helping to put this all together.

1. Sam Locke - Epoch
From the album “Era”
2. Blizzard At Sea - Closed Universe
From the album “Invariance”
3. Skogen - Midnattens Glimrande Stillhet
From the album “Svitjod”
4. Project Masquerade - Killer Of Life
From the album “Nothing But Everything Will Remain”
5. As Autumn Calls - Wither Away
From the album “An Autumn Departure”
6. Northsong - Mountains Of Madness
From the album “Winter’s Dominion”
7. Astral Winter - Beyond These Frozen Castle Walls
From the album “Winter Enthroned”
8. Echoterra - Midnight Sun
From the album “Land Of The Midnight Sun”
9. An Autumn For Crippled Children - Nothing/Everything
From the album “Everything”
10. Ogen - Black Tusk Retaliation
From the album “Black Metal Unbound”
11. Kromlek - Necropolis Fall
From the album “Finis Terrae”
12. Appalachian Winter - Solitude
From the album “Appalachian Winter”