Weekly Rants...

Every now and then, a topic comes to mind that deserves more than a passing mention. Whenever that happens, we will take the time to deliver you a weekly rant about whatever it is that is on our minds. Bad bands, great artwork, you name it. If it has us boiling a little bit, good or bad, you'll see it here.

Weekly Rant 12/30/12: Return of the podcast?

Weekly Rant 12/2/12: And the winners are...

Weekly Rant 11/18/12: Exercise Caution

Weekly Rant 11/11/12: A tale of two paths

Weekly Rant 11/4/12: The brotherhood of metal

Weekly Rant 10/28/12: The Rise (Again) Of Vinyl

Weekly Rant 10/21/12: Sales Vs. Quality

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