Monday, September 5, 2011

Vyrion - Vyrion (2011)

Stirring up an interesting twist of progressive metal and black metal, Vyrion gets the job done. The Australian four piece performs with fierce melodies and heavy drum patterns. They have recently released their new self-titled album through Rockdale Recordings which I must say, the quality is pretty well done. This isn't one of those black metal bands that use raw recordings to create their image but instead deliver a mixture a vicious vocals and demonic chords.

The 30 second intro to the album contains gorgeous yet depressive piano riffs as rain sound effects fall in the background. This leads right into "Ever Rising Platform" which starts off loud distorted guitar riffs at a slow pace with booming drums. The first verse opens with harsh yelling vocals with similar tones to Troy Sanders of Mastodon. About a minute in the vocals change to devilish black metal growling that are delivered with perfection. The guitars stay screeching throughout the song while non stop snares and cymbals shatter behind them. This is definitely one of those tracks that will have you bobbing your head and throwing up the devil horns.

The next track, "Mortal Flame," comes flying in with hell raising guitars and violent drums. The wretched screeching riffs go along perfect with the lead vocalist, Dale J. Williams, as he delivers evil screams and low muddy growls in the verses. There is also some aggressive clean singing in the middle of the song giving a different tone to the music. Later follows a wicked guitar solo that destroys the musical scales as cymbals crash recklessly in the background. The echoing growl at the end is insane and will completely knock you on your ass. The performance is absolutely incredible.

"Winter Vector" starts off with some catchy guitar riffs that'll have your head bashing immediately. More demonic growling enters in the verses while the drums pound away in the background with crazy detailed fills. The refrain has some clean sing that is layered with the dark growling at the same time creating an eerie and catchy sound. The second verse gets a little more quiet as the instruments drop and all you here is angry lyrics that start out low and get louder as the guitars eventual fade back in. These guitars are, of course, combined with relentless drumming and heavy bass lines.

Later in the album you'll come across "The Decision" which has some amazing song structure as you'll find everything from destructive breakdowns to soft eerie guitar riffs with dark haunting vocals on top of them. The black metal tones come right back in with more wicked screaming. The guitar work is amazing as it provides dark devilish riffs but also include a sense of beauty in some of their notes. Meanwhile the drums are rumbling on and on with rapid double bass pedaling and snapping snares.

For a young black metal band just starting to stand on there feet, Vyrion has some impressive sounds to offer. The album is very diverse both instrumentally and vocally. The change from evil screaming to low wicked growling along with some clean singing keeps you hooked through each track as you're waiting for what is coming next. Definitely check these guys out if you're looking for some solid black metal music.


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