Sunday, September 4, 2011

The 10 New Artists You Need To Hear

After six months of writing for Sorrow Eternal, Hell22 and Murmaider have come across some amazing new bands. These new groups are the future of metal, so it was important for the guys to reiterate how great they are. Get on board now, because we truly believe each and every one of these bands are going to be huge. After the jump, find the lists and reviews for each of the bands mentioned.

Murmaider's List

Tersivel (Review)
Ghost Brigade (Review)
Black Sun Aeon (Review)
Skogen (Review) (Interview)
Hinsidig (Review)

Hell22's List

Brymir (Review)
Infinita Symphonia (Review)
Project Masquerade (Review)
Kromlek (Review)
Arafel (Review) (Interview)

Download it here.

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