Monday, July 2, 2012

Gorgantherron - Gorgantherron (EP) (2012)

The story of Evansville, Indiana three piece Gorgantherron is like something straight out of the Twilight Zone. Three chimps are launched into space. Three men return in their place three decades later, having been educated in the ways of metal by a race from a distant galaxy. After all, according to the Gorgantherron, from the Andromeda galaxy, metal was the only thing the human race had gotten right (They must have not heard of Godsmack, Disturbed or any of the other bands calling themselves "metal" these days). Whether their story is true remains to be seen. I don't have the security clearance to know for sure. Regardless, their debut EP is spacey doom, and that says a lot.

The opening track, simply titled "Mothra," builds from a single guitar riff into a full fledged experience. It would be hard to classify the vocal style being utilized here, falling somewhere between singing and yelling, but it works. The gang chanting in the chorus, or what would be considered a chorus, is surely enough to get your fist up. But the true star is in the instrumentals, with guitarist Clint Logan (if that is his real name) delivering groove after groove in the lead role, while bassist Toby Richardson and drummer Chris Flint do the "rhythm section" moniker proud, doing far more than just keeping time. Unlike the previous track, "Lost In Space" is an all out punk-styled ride. The bass work only gets tighter as you move along, locking in with the guitars to form a solid wave. While the lyrical content may seem tongue in cheek, that doesn't make it any less entertaining. Logan doe the dirty work with his guitar, whether it be with intricate picking or a sliding chord. Further proof that you can pack a punch, and writing a coherent tune in a three minute frame.

Things get a little down in "Assimilate," as of the band has suddenly gotten a case of the blues that they are having a hard time shaking. But in the first choreographed explosion, they shows signs of life. The downtempo verse sections are all about delivering the story, while the chorus brings the thunder. If there was any doubt as to how talented these guys (or chimps, either way) are, this track should give you an idea. The creativity in both the lyrical and instrumental writing is enough to turn this into the shortest six minutes you might find on a metal record this year. The slow chunks set the mood, and the blazing guitars tear the place down. But don't stop there, as "Cemetery Shoes" launches immediately into full on destruction. Sharing a common sound with UK band Arke, there is something so intoxicating about the music on display. Every riff, every bass line, every snare and cymbal comes together in a way that may lift you out of your seat. With an axe man the caliber of Logan at the helm, you are sure to pull out your air guitar in a feeble attempt to rock out. Don't be ashamed.

The story expansion comes in the form of the track "Gorgantherron," a more subdued piece than any before it. But coming to right the wrongs of mankind, maybe the beast can swing by Canada and put an end to the Bieber fever plague. As silly as you might think the song is, there is still a lot to enjoy in the music itself. The final minute is a devilish groove, backed by a perfectly executed bass and drum composition. Following down that same path comes the final track, titled "Andromeda." The gang chanting that endeared itself so well in the opener returns, with all three band members yelling out "Andromeda" in each chorus section. The only downside to this track is that you may find yourself waiting for the true groove to kick in, something that only happens for a short while just before the conclusion. Unlike the other five, this one never quite gets to the pinnacle, instead just treading water.

Maybe they are those brave chimpanzees, returned to Earth from far away reaches of space. Or maybe they are just three guys who love metal. Whatever the origins of this three piece (I am sure the information will be declassified one day), I would keep a close eye on them. There is something in the way they play, something in the way they write that may come in handy some day. Now, I am not saying that the world will one day be overrun with Bieber fans. Nor am I saying that faux metal may one day replace true metal in the eyes of the senseless masses. But it could happen. And if that day comes, I want to make sure the Gorgantherron are on our side.


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