Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Overkill - 6 Songs (EP) (2012)

The all mighty Overkill give you a taste of what is to come with their new 6 song EP. It actually only contains 2 new songs while the other four are live songs that were recorde at the Rock Hard Festival in 2011. Whether you like lives recorded tracks or not you should definitely check out the two studio recorded track anyways. The will blow your fucking head off!

The first of the new released tracks is called "Electric Rattlesnake." The song throws chaotic riffs and blast beats right at your face. Fast pace guitar melodies completely smother you with beastly distortion and relentless chugging. The drums kick right off with insane complex patterns. Snapping snares fly over your head as they collide with shattering cymbals over and over again. The vocals soar high over the instruments with an aggressive performance. The track runs for over six minutes long constantly changing tempo and melody. The reckless guitar solos will have you begging for more as soon as they fade out. Lead guitarist, Dave Linsk, plays some tremendous guitar solos that will absolutely blow your mind.

The second track, entitled "Wish You Were Dead," opens with some incredible drum rolls as short quick chugging guitars start to step forward. Lead vocalist, Bobby Ellsworth, lets out a wicked high pitch scream that echoes high over the guitars sending chills down your spine. The verses pick up with more aggressive and yet high octave singing as monstrous guitars blast heavily in the background. You'll find yourself throwing your devil horns in the air immediately. The constant snare drum pound away at you while double bass patterns rumble violently underneath you. Once again you are hit with another godly solo by Linsk. By the end of this track you will be up and moshing. These guys definitely know how to get your blood pumping.

The live songs are "Give A Little," "Bring Me The Night," "Death Rider," and "The Beast Within." I'm usually not crazy about listening to live records but I have to say that these four tracks sound like they were recorded and mixed in a studio. Minus the crowd noise of course. The quality is very impressing and sounds crystal clear. Even the sound effects like reverd and delay came out just right. These are definitely tracks worth checking out. For now, Overkill fans will have to stay satisfied with this small taste of the future. I can only imagine what their next full length album is going to be like.


Official Site - http://wreckingcrew.com/Ironbound/
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/overkill

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