Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brymir - Breathe Fire To The Sun (2011)

So often, the combination of youthful energy and endless ambition leads to watered down nonsense, miles apart from the initial vision. In the case of this Finnish six piece, the final product is one with the dream. What began as a fun project, evolved into something as massive as it is affirming. For on one disc, one piece of plastic, Brymir ask you to breathe fire into our dying sun.

From the opening track, the orchestral introduction, straight into "Unconquerable," Brymir show that their style is the proverbial "melting pot." Elements of folk guitars, the keyboards of power metal, and vocals that share the grit of pagan or viking metal with the vocal melodies of symphonic metal are all brought together in an astounding end result. The song manages to be heavy, but not overbearing, with the drums being played at lightning speeds.

"In Silence" is a victory of epic proportions. The woodwind opening, building into a masterful drum beat, culminated by horns and the intertwined guitar riffs is unreal. The lyrical content and concept is awe-inspiring, asking the rhetorical question of life's purpose. Every moment captivates your ears, through the fading distortion, directly into "Free Man's Path." The opening pipes will come as no surprise by now, but that doesn't make them any less powerful. The guitars are fast and furious, in both verse and solo form, with well placed horn arrangements providing the perfect counterpoint.

Speed is the name of the game in "Burning Within," a track as satisfying as it is fast. Track length provides no handicap, however, as the band manages to incorporate limitless instrumentation and depth into three glorious minutes. "Withering Past" is a symphony of aggression in all facets. Blazing guitar solos and the coarse angst of the vocals are merely players on a larger stage of strings, horns and drums. Even a brief piano piece adds layer after layer to the work. The pounding march of "Cycle Of Flame" is fuel for the flame of life, urging us to move forward in our quest. Dueling distorted guitars play perfectly off of drum blasts and the backing of triumphant horns.

Brymir continue the symphonic assault, with an assist from Mahi of pagan metal juggernaut Ensiferum, who contributed to epic choir vocals on "Ragnarok." Guitar work is at its peak here, with solos that must be heard. The track slows to a conclusion, horns providing emphasis. After a build up of synths and keys, "Retribution" assaults you with overwhelming vigor. The guitar stomp is punctuated with airy vocals, desperate to be heard. The epic conclusion to this journey comes in the form of the eight minute cry for help, titled "Breathe Fire To The Sun." Atmospheric, melodic, and yet somehow boundlessly aggressive, it is the punctuation at the end of the most powerful speech.

Ambition is not the enemy. At least not in the case of this work of modern metal brilliance. They have assembled a message that is as righteous and empowering as the music they have set it to. Brymir reignited the flame, both in the figurative and the literal. And I have a feeling it won't go dim again.


Official Site - http://www.brymir.com/
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/brymir

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