Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chimaira - Resurrection (2007)

The all mighty Chimaira from Cleveland, Ohio came out with their most powerful album in 2007, called “Resurrection.” This album consists of aggressive vocals, heavy breakdowns, and tons of blast beats that’ll make your speakers rattle for days. Nothing but pure metal core at its best.

Sharing the same title as the album, track one starts off with a heavy guitar riff that immediately has you bobbing your head to the tempo. This, of course, is layered with quick double bass pedaling and screaming cymbals. This song is filled with angry lyrics delivered by dark growls that provide great background for the mosh pit. The vocals in the bridge even carry a little melody, filled with darkness. What's even better about this track, is that it provides both solos and breakdowns, reaching out to all metal fans. This is just an absolutely great way to kick off a metal album.

The song "six," not to be confused with TRACK 6, is a 9 minute work of art. This is a "must hear" song, for sure. It fades in with eerie sounds and quiet vocals, almost like a whisper from a demon. Then it drops with a few melodic riffs as it speeds up, and is layered with more double bass pedal dirty work. The breakdowns in the song are great, because not only are they low and heavy, but they also provide detail in melody, unlike your average metalcore breakdown. You'll definitely be hitting the "Repeat" button after listening to this one.

The album has a lot of great songs to offer, like "The Flame" and "Empire." These tracks both carry melodies in minor that really give the album a dark image. Track 10, "Needles," gives a whole new meaning to the word "heavy," providing some of the heaviest breakdowns on the entire album. The only downfall about this track is that it's only 3 minutes long, leaving you wanting so much more.

"Resurrection" is definitely one of the better metalcore albums released in a while. If you are a fan of all things hard and heavy, you won't want to miss this one!


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