Monday, April 4, 2011

Draconian - Arcane Rain Fell (2005)

From the darkest grounds of Scaffle, Sweden comes Draconian with
“Arcane Rain Fell.” This, their second studio album, is a concept
album about Lucifer falling from heaven and creating Hades. An epic
story for this doom masterpiece.

The first track, “A Scenery Of Loss,” is 9 minutes of pure doom metal.
It starts with depressing drizzle of rain behind a melodic guitar
intro. A few short words are followed with a roaring growl that may,
literally, make you shit yourself. However, a beautiful female voice is
introduced about 5 minutes in. Lisa Johansson is an amazing vocalist
and fits as a perfect piece to Draconian.

Other tracks like “Daylight Misery” and “ Heaven Laid In Tears” have
great hooks, that include heavy double bass pedal work and more
powerful growling. Unfortunately, they are two of the shorter tracks on
the album. You may end up having to replay the songs because they leave
you wanting so much more!

The last song on the album, “Death, Come Near Me” is one of the
most epic and amazing song you will ever heard. It is 15 minutes and 22
second of pure Doom greatness. It opens with piano and
strings that create a great image for the listener. It then drops into
heavy guitar rifts, both depressing and beautiful. After a little
over 3 minutes, Johansson comes in with the first verse. This song
carries such powerful lyrics. As the chorus begins, she is accompanied
by Anders Jacobsson’s growling. They sing the lyrics together,
giving a “beauty & the beast” feel. Jacobsson’s growls are so low and
dark, yet they are so clear and understandable. This is a “must hear”
song that must be heard to be appreciated.

This album is great from start to finish. Definitely check it out. You
won’t be disappointed!


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