Thursday, April 21, 2011

Draconian - Turning Season Within (2008)


The gothic doom powerhouse known as Draconian has returned. The dark, dreary landscapes remain as such, but they are now manicured and and revitalized. This is an album of love songs. But before you go into cardiac arrest, look deeper. For so often, love is nothing more than longing, hopelessness and loss. And on "Turning Season Within," you are led, hand in hand, down the shadowy road that is love.

A thunderous bass drum welcomes you to the fold, and "Seasons Apart" immediately weighs on your heart. A dazzling vocal contrast emerges, pairing the violent verses of Anders Jacobsson with the dreamy passages of Lisa Johansson. The time has come for these lovers to part, and every heartbeat can be felt in the poetry. The crushing drums and guitars become the soundtrack to this tale of woe.

Unrelenting, we march. "When I Wake" is an anthem of the hopeless. A guitar hook provides the foundation, while sparse keyboards set the mood. Their pain is conveyed, clearly, throughout the track. Anders utters "But as you cry something inside me dies." Double bass enters, and vocal parts dart in and out of one another, crashing to the end. "Earthbound" starts fast paced and aggressive, breaking for delicate keys and heavenly voice. With its down tempo breakdown, it becomes a morbid search for closure through death.

The beauty of the gothic doom classification is felt in the chilling melodies of "Not Breathing." Slow and deliberate, each strum of the strings highlights each keystroke, each ding of a cymbal, each booming kick. "On my own, by the world outside, where love lies starving on the ground." Fantastic, powerful guitar work leads the way in "The Failure Epiphany," where regret now takes hold of our lovers. A bass line accents haunting synths, "And there in that moment we'll at last find solace." Downtuned chugging in a traditional doom style  clear a path in "Morphine Cloud."

Heavy distortion and ferocious vocal passages occupy most of "Bloodflower," before giving way to an enchanting piano outro. Your heart may be heavy, but the end is near. "The Empty Stare" has a beat that will induce a bout of whiplash. Your are now fully engrossed in the story, feeling the pain and sorrow.

"September Ashes" provides the eulogy, spoken words over delicate piano. A tragic tale of lovers come to a devastating end. The band haven't abandoned the epic storytelling of their previous works, such as "Arcane Rain Fell." They have chosen to embrace it, fine tune it, and develop it into something undeniable. This tale of love and loss is one for all seasons.

"So when I scream for you, do not answer me. When I beg you to hold me, just walk away."


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