Monday, April 11, 2011

Tersivel - For One Pagan Brotherhood (2011)

Pagan Folk metal is attempted by so many bands now-a-days. It’s so hard to keep up with the groups that provide true meaning to the genre versus those who claim they are, yet sound nothing like it. Stepping into the light of true Pagan Folk metal stands a band from Argentina by the name of Tersivel, with their first studio album entitled “For One Pagan Brotherhood.” With the bar of expectation set high, this band seems to shoot through the roof with their traditional folk instruments, Viking-like chants, and catchy, melodic riffs.

Right off the bat, the first track, “Cuzat Beer House Song,“ makes you feel like your on a ship getting drunk with a bunch of Vikings and singing catchy chants all night long. What more can you ask for to start off a Pagan Folk Metal album. This is topped off with a nice little solo played on an acoustic guitar to really complete the picture.

However, don’t be fooled. Moving on to track two, things get a little heavier with the song “As Brothers We Shall Fight.” It starts out with blaring horns and aggressive drums and vocals. About halfway thought the song enters compelling guitar’s chugging away while accompanied by eerie, symphonic strings. This is the perfect build-up that leads to bone crushing vocals as the song comes to an end.

Another great aspect of this album is that the band throws in these little 3 to 4 minute tracks like “And Fires Died Away” and “Aeolian Islands” that consists of traditional pagan sounds and melodies that really keep you locked into the feeling of the album and the whole Pagan scene. These basic little instrumental songs really set the mood, especially when the following tracks are full of really low vocals and really strong distorted guitars that’ll knock you on your ass!

Aside from these instrumental tracks, you also have songs like "We Are The Fading Sun" and "Far Away In The Distant Skies" that are filled with dark, violent growls and loud chanting vocals which are, at the same time, mixed with verses that are clean and clear. This adds so much depth to the album and really moves smoothly through the transition of styles. You’ll also notice that even with these heavy changes they never lean away from the folk sounds that they’ve grown accustom to throughout the album.

“For One Pagan Brotherhood” is truly a great experience to the ear and an epic adventure for the fans who hear it. So grab your mugs and hop on board for the voyage of your life!


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