Saturday, May 7, 2011

Meshuggah - obZen (2008)

Coming from the depths of Sweden, Meshuggah has released their sixth studio album in 2008. This experimental metal band has taken their sound to a whole new level. The album, entitled "obZen," features massive amounts of fast heavy riffs, speedy drumming, and immense breakdowns.

The album starts off with "Combustion" immediately showing off their unique guitar and bass riffs, as they clash together heavily with intense drumming. The song holds a screeching guitar solo towards the final minute. This is followed by "Electric Red" which carries devilish guitar riffs and haunting synthesizer.

"Bleed" is a 7 minute masterpiece that has one of the most insane intro's I have ever heard. It is filled with destructive drum patterns and rapid bass playing throughtout. The vocals are loud and violent as well. The incredible breakdowns will leave your head bobbing from start to finish. Ominous synthesizers enter about 4 minutes into the song, which then lead to a monstrous bridge consisting of rapid double bass pedal action and a melodic synthesizer layered on top.

Track 4 entitled "Lethargica" offers a very different type of sound as violent guitar riffs fill the air. This is then combined with jaw dropping bass lines that create such an amazing godly sound. Meanwhile, there are songs like "This Spiteful Snake" which contains dark metaphorical lyrics, which you will definitely want to look up as you are listening to it. The lyrics are, of course, told through Jens Kidman's demonic and deafening growling. Their is also an eerie solo in the middle of the song which you will find most impressive.

If you are into constant beastly breakdowns then track five, "obZen" is definitely one to check out while searching through the album. It keeps a constant groove throughout the song leaving you once again, headbanging constantly. Bone crushing guitars chug away to reckless snares and cymbals while detailed bass notes knock you out of your seat.

Overall, the album is very intense and interesting. It stands strong and keeps you hooked the entire time, thanks to the phenomenal song structures and the consistent heavy drumming. Kidman's vocals keep the album dark and gloomy while the guitars you destroyed with their violent minor chords. This is definitely one of their greatest albums yet.


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  1. obZen was a pretty decent album. Haake's leg work on 'Bleed' is hands down disgusting. 6 months to get that song to work is BEYOND absurd. One of the greatest double bass pedal drummers out there.