Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Dying Bride - Evinta (2011)

Full of dark atmospheric energy, My Dying Bride is back again with another magnificent album, entitled "Evinta." The album has been slowly worked on for over 15 years as the band has placed together smaller ideas, little by little, and over time, have come up with this glorious masterpiece. With songs averaging out to be over ten minutes longs, clearly there is a lot that this album has to offer.

Sounding almost like a score written for a movie, the opening track, "In Your Dark Pavilion," hurls you into a world of dark beauty that is only described by the unique orchestrated instruments. The music guides you through endless dark and light emotion as scales fly from minor to major and back in this ten minute masterpiece. Soothing operatic vocals pull you into the center of the song, as you are surrounded by extraordinary stringed instruments. You will also come across a few spoken words from an eerie male voice in the middle and singing lyrics mixed in towards the end that are layered with operatic female vocals. It's amazing to hear the piano go from dark and gloomy to ravishing and beautiful, all within minutes of each other. Meanwhile, there are horns and light organs that back up the violins. So many instruments are incorporated into such an amazing, well written song.

"You Are Not The One Who Loves Me" is screaming with passion as you will feel the sound waves of the piano run through your veins. Gorgeous strings and violins soar high above the dominating keys. The dark, depressive lyrics, spoken without a melody, place you in a calm and mellow state of mind. "Of Lilies Bent With Tears" Also opens with the piano. However, this time it is played gently as it is accompanied by Aaron Stainthorpe, the lead singer, and his emotional, clean vocals.

Another song you don't want to miss is "The Distance, Busy With Shadows." It contains some impressive piano work throughout the middle of the song. Layers of strings fill in the background, giving it a warm feel. The band even included some flute parts that flow in between the piano notes. "Vanite Triomphante" shows off a more operatic side of the album, as female vocals echo along side the piano and violin. Strings later accompany her voice as she is then followed by clean singing from Stainthorpe. You also see these vocal patterns in "That Dress And Summer Skin" and "And Then You Go."

My Dying Bride is definitely one of those bands who manage to impress you, time and time again. Of course, with the help of having over 15 years to put this album together, this is some of their best work ever. For those of you who are familiar with the band, prepare for another epic, sensational record. And for those of you who are unfamiliar with them, check out some amazing doom metal like you've never heard it before.


Official Site - http://www.mydyingbride.org/
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/officialmydyingbride

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