Friday, May 27, 2011

Nimbatus - Cyclus Three (2011)

The vigorous Nimbatus is back with another intense album, entitled "Cyclus Three." This is actually a one man band from Germany. Every song was written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Nimbatus. Once you hear the album, the quality is, without a doubt, very impressive and very clear.The album leans toward a gothic doom feel, but there are no vocals. It is all instrumental, with the exception of one track which has a couple spoken lyrics.

Jumping into the first track, "Numb Celebration," it immediately shows progressive signs. It has a slower tempo and heavy chugging guitars with smashing cymbals and rampant drumming. "Letter Of A Shifted Dream" is packed with massive amounts of double bass pedaling. Also there are some marvelous guitar work included, it's no wonder why they don't have vocals. Singing isn't even needed when you have guitars that speak to you in such an angelic way. You'll find similar guitar work in songs such as "Fractured Vision" and "A Pale Light."

"Into The Void" starts out with a little more of a hard rock type of style. This is the song, as mentioned, that has actual lyrics in it. A female voice enters about half way through speaking dark and gloomy words. Then guitars drop back in along with more heavy rapid kicks and snares. A wicked solo follows into the bridge. They also incorporate soft strings in the background giving an epic feel. A beautiful piano riff enters towards the last minute of the song that will take your breath away. A guitar solo joins the piano in the last 30 seconds, it then fades with the female voice under heavy reverb effects. An "Intermission" follows in the next track. This incorporates soft piano and guitar notes played together creating a gorgeous atmosphere.

"The Morning Rise" contains powerful demonic chords, falling into a "chugging" pattern that immediately inhales you, taking over your mind and body. Get ready for some heavy head bobbing and fist pumping action. Cymbals are flying everywhere while the double bass controls the heart beat of the song. The song gets quiet for about 30 seconds with strings and guitars. However, you are then met with an avalanche of guitar riffs just waiting to crush you. "The Master's Decease" is another track that greets you with violent guitar riffs, yet gently cradles you with soft melodic notes and soothing reverberated effects that leave you feeling like you're drifting in a pool of nothingness. This doesn't last long as guitars enter and rudely awaken you, with dark, devilish amounts of power. Not to mention the incredible kicks and bass notes that surround it.

Track 8, "The Long Way Up" entails some eerie strings combined with mysterious piano notes. This is another one of those songs where the instruments serve as more than just the melody and rhythm of the music. They really jump out and communicate with the listener as if they were the lead vocals.

After listening to the album a couple of times, you will definitely see the similar structures by bands like Opeth, Porcupine Tree, and Katatonia. The instrumentation isn't quite unique, however the album still stands by itself and is able to create imagery that's different than some of these other bands. "Cyclus Three" is definitely an album with lots to offer, so make sure you check it out. You won't be disappointed!


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