Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slayer - God Hates Us All (2001)

Slayer, the infamous thrash metal band from Huntington Park, California, has released one of the most influential yet controversial albums ever in their whole career. I am talking of course, of their 2001 album, entitled "God Hates Us All." The title alone defines that album down to a tee as it screams anger, hatred, and rage. The original album artwork was suppose to be a picture of a bible covered in blood with "Slayer" burnt across the front of it.

The lyrics play a huge roll in the album as they entail the idea of murder, revenge, death, and anti-religious themes. The first song on the album, following the short introduction track, is entitled "Disciple" and contains plenty of these descriptions. The lyrics "God Hates Us All" is shouted all throughout the refrain by the singer, Tom Araya, and will remain stuck in your head for days as I'm sure you'll be replaying this song often. The guitar work is violently heavy with massive distortion on every riff. There is a solo that enters half way through the song that is fast and explosive as detailed notes clash together rapidly. This is an incredible opener for the album.

"God Send Death" is one of the only songs on the album that consists of the violent screaming that you're already used to, mixed with some clean singing in a demonic tone. The melody is catchy, with lyrics that are full of violence and destruction as it relates to disturbing images of death. Track 7, "Exile," is another great song containing lyrics like "Get out of my face, get out of my life," and "I just want you to die." The song has layers and layer of brutal guitar riffs, insane drum fills and double bass pedaling. The structure of the song switches constantly between bloodthirsty verses, complex solos and dominating break downs, which keep your ears glued to the speakers from start to finish.

The song "Seven Faces" starts off dark and mysterious as the drums enter and the guitars drop. Araya releases a wicked, death-like scream that will make you cream your pants and will haunt your unborn children years before they are even born. Demonic guitar riffs chug away as the snare and cymbals are thrown in your face. This song will definitely make you want to pump your fist. Another aggressive headbanger is track 12, "Here Comes The Pain." It's full of deafening guitars blaring angry devilish chords. Rapid double bass action will absolutely blow you away while drum fills within the break down will pull you with detail timing and structure.

Slayer has shown their overwhelming talent time and time again. "God Hates Us All" is a bone crushing, skull smashing masterpiece that will echo in the heads of millions. If there is one Slayer album you wouldn't want to miss, it's this one. Enjoy the raining of vicious guitar riffs and fierce solos combined with elaborate drumming and intense vocals throughout. You will bob your head from start to finish. I guarantee it!


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  1. Great Review. Sounds like they can put on a serious show. Cant wait to see them LIVEEE =]