Saturday, June 25, 2011

Edguy - King Of Fools [EP] (2004)

Straight from Fulda, Germany, Edguy is one of the most epic power metal bands to hit the metal scene. The band has released eight full length studio albums so far and are planning to release their ninth album this coming August. As awesome as these albums are, this review is actually on an EP that they released back in 2004. The EP is called "King Of Fools" and as amazing as it is, it could probably stand as an album by itself.

The first song, entitled "King Of Fools," kicks off the album with catchy synth notes which are quickly taken over by monstrous guitars that are full of reckless distortion. Lead singer Tobias Sammet jumps into the verse with aggression as his lyrics deliver a solid punch. This leads right into the chorus which has tons of energy. Cymbals are crashing everywhere while the guitar riffs are being slammed in the background. Sammet takes his vocals to an impressive operatic style and really helps the song hit its max. You will be singing along in no time!

Epic strings take over in the beginning of "New Age Messiah" which almost sounds like a score to a movie. The beautiful orchestrated stings are soon interrupted by booming snares as guitar riffs follow immediately after. The fast rapid chugging really keeps you moving. The guitar solo towards the end is electrifying and very impressive. The vocals echo throughout the verses in an up beat tempo. Your going to want to read up on the lyrics for this one as you will find them to be entertaining and at times, very funny.

They get a little more serious with "The Savage Union." Melodic guitar riffs hit the beginning layered with relentless drumming. One major part I would like to point out is a piece of the lyrics. Sammet sings the words "We don't give a fuck" in such a beautiful manor that you don't even notice that he's cursing. He's done this before in a song from his side project, Avantasia, as well. It's great how he can make curse words sound so epic and angelic. Music wise, the instruments are great. There is another magnificent solo that really destroys almost every note in the book. As the song fades, "Holy water" comes in with catchy guitar notes followed by layers of distorted chords and explosive kicks and snares. The verse breaks down into a drum and bass combination while vocals soar over them. The refrain is very likeable with its symphonic reach to the higher operatic notes and thumping bass lines. You'll be whistling the melody for days.

The final song on the EP is "Life And Times Of A Bonus Track" and yes, the title is quite literal. Jolly piano riffs are played throughout while Sammet puts tremendous passion into the song as he sings about what it is like to literally be a bonus track. The lyrics are hilarious and after hearing this song I now know exactly what it's like to be a bonus track. Gotta love that good old Edguy humor.

When a band releases an incredible EP such as this one, it goes to show the kind of talent and dedication that the group puts into their music. Edguy gets better and better with every new project that they release, whether it be a short EP or a full length album. From front to back, you will be rocking out and bobbing your head to the beat. This is definitely "must hear and repeat often" material.


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