Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Symfonia - In Paradisum (2011)

Sometimes, when it comes to heavy metal bands, members must come and go. Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Not every line up stays the same. But don't think that those who leave are not busy stirring up new projects of their own. The power metal band Symfonia is made up of four guys who all had their share of success and, for whatever reason, are no longer with those bands. Including Timo Tolkki, former guitarist and songwriter in power metal favorites, Stratovarius. They have combined their musical skill and talent to create a new name in the power metal world and they have released their first studio recorded album entitled "In Paradisum."

The album begins with "Fields Of Avalon," which contains deafening guitar riffs that are full of screeching distortion. Booming drum fills follow through with rapid snares and deep kicks. Lead singer Andre Matos comes flying into the verse with symphonic clean vocals, hitting some impress high notes. The melody of the refrain grabs you immediately, as the speed of the guitar riffs will blow your mind. You will even notice the wicked double bass drumming flowing smoothly underneath the cymbals. This leads to a hell raising solo towards the end of the song that completely demolishes the musical scale.

"Come By The Hills" is track two on the album and has a very catchy little introduction. This leads to heavy guitars chugging along to the melody. It is very fast and upbeat in the beginning but calms down at the start of the verse. Things slowly build up to the chorus which keeps you at the edge of your seat while your waiting for it to drop. The structure of the song is great and really keeps you guessing from start to finish.

If you're looking for something a little more calm, track four, titled "Alayna," is a beautiful ballad for all to enjoy. Soft acoustic guitars accompany gorgeous vocals and are followed by a hypnotizing electric guitar solo that really captures you in the middle of the verses. Another solo also enters toward the end with electrifying energy. As the chorus keeps you at ease, the song slowly fades into the song entitled "Forevermore." Blaring guitars jump out in front as they are backed by relentless drum fills and terrific bass lines. You will also hear some impressive synthesizer melodies in the background that is constantly hitting note after note giving the song more fullness and a brighter feel. Organs take over towards the end giving off great orchestral tones. This, of course, is followed by another insane guitar solo. Lots of feeling and emotion in the lyrics as well.

Get ready to pump your fist for this nine and a half minute masterpiece. Track number seven, "In Paradisum" is full of heavy rock and roll guitar riffs combines with epic strings and a choir creating an interesting atmosphere. This all builds up in the intro, but quickly drops to a quick moment of silence as Matos slowly enters with the first verse using a soothing angelic voice. It quickly picks up again with reckless pounding of the drums and monstrous guitar riffs. There is a chanting choir in the middle of the song that gives it a real symphonic feel. Catchy guitars keep your ears glued to the speakers all the way through. And the guitar solo follows right behind it, pulling you in even deeper. Make sure you check this one out.

It's amazing to see what happens when members from different bands get together and put out a monster of an album. "In Paradisum" is excellent, exciting, emotional, and breath taking. The use of different orchestrated instruments in each song keeps the music refreshing through every track. It's a good mix of music and unique sound. I am definitely looking forward to more albums from Symfonia in the future.


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