Thursday, July 28, 2011

Arch Enemy - Doomsday Machine (2005)

Looking for Hell raising solos and constant melodic riffs with monstrous lyrics delivered by a chick? Then look no further, as Arch Enemy is the band for you! In 2005, the Swedish melodic death metal group released their sixth studio album, entitled "Doomsday Machine." This album hit the metal scene hard as everyone was talking about it. Pure flawlessness.

"Enter The Machine" is the intro to the album and it is such an electrifying way to open up a killer album. This intro had me hooked from the start as it built up the suspense to the rest of the album. Following this is "Taking Back My Soul." Voilent drums come rolling in with sharp cymbals smashing from left to right. The guitar riffs are extremely wild and will blow you away. Angela Gassow enters in the verse with her haunting growls and completely destroys everything. The double bass work, by drummer Daniel Erlandsson, is incredible as his destructive rhythms knock down anything in its way.

"Nemesis" starts off with speedy guitar riffs as Gassow releases an evil growl that might make you crap yourself. Her aggressiveness gives so much more feeling to the song and will really pull you into the music. The refrain is very catchy with its melodic riffs and solid lyrics. You'll be singing along in no time that's for sure. The Amott brothers to all the guitar work in Arch Enemy and this is song really shows off their talent and song writing skills. The guitar solo towards the end its absolutely beautiful.

This next one, entitled "My Apocalypse" is one of my favorites. Gassow's wicked vocals soar over the rapid double bass pedaling. The guitar riffs are demonic and full of anger. The song later breaks down to just bass, drums, and melodic guitars with no distortion. This is where the solos come in. After hearing these angelic solos. Gassow comes back in with more violent vocals as the guitars get louder. This is definitely one of those songs that will make you bob your head from start to finish. You may want to prepare to hit replay as well.

"Hybrids Of Steel" has got some crazy guitars right from the get as high flying notes come soaring in. The constant kick and snare will have you rocking your head to the beat the entire time as the Amott brothers tear up the musical scale over and over again. "Mechanic God Creation" is another song towards the end that you won't want to miss. Distortion constantly fading in towards the beginning will have you at the edge of your seat as you're waiting for what's next. Gassow releases some devilish growls that make you wonder just how a hot chick like her can produce such evil sounding vocals. The guitar riffs are just as vicious as Gassow's lyrics are. Also the solo at the end is insane and will definitely blow your mind.

Arch Enemy has never failed us as they always deliver fast, aggressive guitar riffs with moving lyrics carried by the amazing Gassow. "Doomsday Machine" is, by far, one of their best albums that the band have ever released. As long as their solos continue to be explosive and their guitars stay melodic and heavy, Arch Enemy fans will always be waiting for more!


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