Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sepultura - Kairos (2011)

Well known Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura has hit the studio yet again. Their new full length album, entitled "Kairos," is the bands twelfth album of their career. The band has managed to keep changing their sound little by little and still keep their fans coming back for more. There are definitely some new elements that they have added in this album compared to their older stuff that really keep a fresh sound.

The first track on the album is called "Spectrum." Heavy layered guitar riffs come barreling in as haunting vocals enter on top. I must say, the song drags out a bit as you 'll notice the same chords over and over again and nothing really changes up too much. You might lose interest after the first minute. Unfortunately, even the next few tracks like "Kairos" and "Relentless" don't really have that monstrous power that you might be looking for from Sepultura. Even though they do have some decent riffs and screaming guitar solos, the other parts of the song kind of get lost in the repetitiveness.

It isn't until track number five, "Just One Fix," that the album really drop kicks you in the face. The tempo will have you bobbing your head immediately as the chugging guitars will consume you. You are rapidly hit with the kicks and snares. About two minutes in comes this awesome breakdown with lots of reckless drum fills and aggressive guitar riffs. This is then followed by a hell raising guitar solo that runs up and down the scales with detail and speed. Definitely check it out.

"Dialog" is another monstrous track with wicked guitars throughout. Get ready to move because the riffs in this song will take over your mind. There is an electrifying solo towards the end of the song that will blow you away. The drums sound like machine guns going off behind the harsh vocals. "Seethe" starts out with stomping guitars and bass lines combined with demonic growling which echoes throughout the track. The double bass pedaling is very impressive as the fills constantly change with detail. The only problem with this song is that it's only two and a half minutes long. You're going to want to hit the repeat button for this one.

"Embrace The Storm" starts out with some insane drumming and deafening guitars. However, the vocals don't quite sell me on this one. They could have done without a lot of the yelling. There are a few strong points in some of the screaming, but overall isn't able to keep you hooked throughout. They do manage to ending the album with a solid bang. "Structure Violence(Azzes)" stands out big time from the rest of the album. Mainly from the different sounds that they use with the drumming in the beginning. A lot of unique sounds fly through the air keeping you at the edge of your seat as you're waiting for more. The guitars are dominant and barely give you any time to rest. The vocals become a lot more aggressive and rough sounding towards the middle of the song. The different sounds that are thrown at you throughout the song really draw you into the track. Definitely check this song out a couple of times to catch all of the little details.

Sepultura has been around for many years now and have definitely had their share of wicked albums. However, I wouldn't say that "Kairos" is the bands best work. It does have some impressive structure and sound in certain areas though that make this album worth checking out. It just needs some time to grow on you.


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