Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spotify (An alternative to The Podcast)

Murmaider has been fighting a bug this week, so we didn't get to record our usual weekly podcast. We will return next week, of course, with more bands, more topics, and more nonsensical banter. Until then, enjoy our previous episodes, in streaming and download format. And don't forget to listen to Light & Darkness Radio, on the Live365 network, for great tracks from great bands. Every Sunday and Wednesday at 8 pm EST, you can hear our podcast there, as well.

Anyway, we suggest you head over to check out Spotify, and get yourself on the invite list. This service is going to change the music industry, hopefully for the better. Over 15 million tracks at your fingertips, at all times. For free, you can stream all you want, in high quality audio. Upgrading to a premium  ($5 a month) or unlimited ($10 a month) account basically let's you do whatever you want with their entire library.

This isn't a limited selection of pop/punk bullshit. They have entire catalogs from bands like Opeth, Mastodon, Amorphis, and so many more. New albums, EPs, singles, soundtrack appearances, and everything in between, organized and ready for your consumption. And it is only going to get bigger. Create playlists, and share them with all of your friends with the click of your mouse. Sync it up with Facebook, and see what all of your friends are listening to.

We are not salesmen. We don't work for Spotify, or anyone related to Spotify. We are audiophiles: people who love music and seek to consume everything there is to hear. And this is the best way to do just that, while also supporting the bands that we love. Do yourself a favor, and check it out.

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