Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chimaira - The Age Of Hell (2011)

The relentless Chimaira is finally back with some new intense tunes. They have released their sixth studio album and man, does this one pack a punch. The album is entitled "The Age Of Hell" and basically focuses on how the end of the world is near. I have to say the lyrics are pretty powerful in this one. And the performance of the instruments is a real rush. Get ready for some skull crushing songs.

The first track, entitled "The Age of Hell," is all about preparing you for the end and that this is the age of hell. It's a decent opening track. There isn't anything too special that jumps out, except for the chainsaw guitar riffs towards the end that help build up the suspense for the furious guitar solo that follows. "Clockwork" gives you a better view of what is still to come with its incredible double bass pedals and intriguing drum fills. The album really starts to pick up with the third song, "Losing My Mind." This track opens with almost a full minute of head thrashing guitars that chug away constantly. The monstrous riffs are backed by explosive double bass drumming. The vocals are aggressive and harsh during the verses. There is a bit of clean chanting during the refrain, which is followed with quick blast of massively distorted guitar riffs. However, this doesn't compare to the end of the track. It closes with a huge breakdown that includes some interesting synth sounds that add a futuristic feel to the music.

"Year Of The Snake" is another beast track that you'll want to check out. It starts with deafening guitars and quiet snares that build louder and louder as you are met with a violent growl. The chorus has devilish clean singing with eerie tones. With about a minute and a half left in the song, a destructive breakdown drop kicks you in the face with deep bass waves and crazy drumming. I can only imagine what the mosh pits will look like when they perform this one live. "Beyond The Graves" slows down with haunting guitars and crashing cymbals accompanied with booming snares and toms. You won't be able to help but bob your head to these nasty riffs. Also, the style of vocals are unique as you will hear a blend of growling and yelling together. It sounds awesome together. The song ends with a melodic solo as violent chords are blaring in the background.

Don't even think about taking a break now. "Born In Blood" carries the rage with its incredibly fast double bass pedaling and tense guitar riffs. The drums will pound you to the ground while you bleed from your eyes and ears. They also include a melodic solo that jumps from octave to octave rapidly. After this, it's right back to head bobbing with "Powerless." The band gets a little more technical as their verse contain heavy chugging layers with detailed melodic riffs all combined with vicious vocals. The double bass keeps the song in a steady motion while the cymbals and snares crash in all directions.

If you're looking for some more relentless drumming check out "Scapegoat." The beginning alone will grab your attention immediately as you hear nothing but speedy kicks and snapping cymbals. Demonic guitar riffs come flying in giving a dark feel to the song. The refrain is catchy and follows with some dirty guitar work. This is definitely another headbanger. Following this is the final track on the album which is entitled "Samsara." Running for about 6 minutes long, the instrumental starts out very calm with soothing guitar melodies. This of course changes quickly as monstrous guitars enter with lots of double bass action. Emil Werstler, one of the guitarists from Daath, is featured in it and shows off some of his hell raising melodic solos. Between the amazing guitar work and pulverizing drum rolls, this ending track will have you begging for more. Not to mention you're probably going to shit yourself. It's that insane!

Chimaira has really stepped things up this time. "The Age Of Hell" is full of energy and excitement. It's got low earth shaking breakdowns and high flying guitar solos for all to enjoy. So make sure you check this album out. You won't be disappointed!


Official Site - http://www.chimaira.com/
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/chimaira

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