Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Wounded Kings - In The Chapel Of The Black Hand (2011)

There is a new doom metal band on the scene coming from the UK known as The Wounded Kings. They have recently released their new full length album, entitled "In The Chapel Of The Black Hand." There are only four tracks to this album, but don't let that fool you. Most of the songs are pretty lengthy.

The album starts off with eerie chords from an organ in "The Cult Of Souls," which are followed by slow heavy chugging guitars filled with distortion. The drums come splashing in with high hats and snares as the bass rumbles beneath them. Female vocals enter in the verse with a clear and dark tones. This gives a very depressive sound to the album. Running for a little over 13 minutes long, the melody doesn't really change too much. Instruments fade in and out, but the basic tempo and melody stay the same. There is, however, a little solo towards the end of the song with wicked melodic notes that soar over the drums.

"Gates Of Oblivion" is the second track off of the album and also plays for over 13 minutes long. More monstrous guitars come blaring in with thunderous melodies. The drums are slow but have some interesting fills throughout the song. The vocals are similar to the first track as they are performed with dark and haunting lyrics. Demonic synthesizers enter later, as another wicked solo comes flying in. After a while it feels like there should have been a devilish growl somewhere in the mix but it just never comes.

"Return Of The Sorcerer" is the shortest of the songs, running at less than four minutes long, however with its dark melodies and great song structure it's definitely got the most energy. The tempo is a little faster and instead of opening with a verse, it opens with an incredible guitar solo with detailed drum fills in the background. This will definitely have you bobbing your head throughout the whole song. This leads right into "In The Chapel Of The Black Hand," listed just over ten minutes long. The delivery of the guitars and drums are great however the vocals start to put you to sleep as you are greeted with the same eerie female lyrics as the first two songs. After a while of this similar style of music, things start to blend together.

The Wounded Kings definitely carry a lot of potential in there music have some great talent when it comes to guitar work. However "In The Chapel Of The Black Hand" just seems like something is missing. I felt like I was constantly waiting for a devilish scream or booming double bass pedal drumming and I never got it. Also, some of the songs become a little to repetitive. If they get a little more creative with their melodies and instruments, they might have a shot at being big in the metal world.


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