Saturday, October 22, 2011

Asphagor: The Interview

 After listening to their latest album, "Havoc", Hell22 and Murmaider sought out Asphagor for some questions about the themes, the challenges, and a unique perspective on downloading. Here is what Atlas had to say.

First and foremost, we would like to thank to you for taking the time out of your schedule to answer some questions for us. We greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

When Das Nichts left the band last year, and Morgoth stepped in, how did the sound and direction of the band changed? What has it been like since the line-up has been solidified?

There was not too much change. Atlas and Aeshma changed their instruments. The sound is now more variable. Morgoth has more nuances in his voice.

As for “Havoc,” what were your influences in the writing and recording of the new album? Are there any themes or concepts behind the songs?

The development of the album havoc was done in about 3 years and first we did not notice that there was a concept behind the songs, and then when we finished recording the album it right came into our sight that chaos was the concept behind our music.

The album artwork creates a stirring image of destruction. Can you give us any insight into the photo that graces the cover of “Havoc”?

Well Axis did the cover art work, and we only wanted to create a dark image that fits right to the music.

The album production was very crisp and clean. What made you decide to go for the cleaner production, as opposed to the traditional raw sound?

Nobody wants to buy and listen to shitty produced music which sounds like a vacuum cleaner. This is not really worth the money.

Black metal musicians are always lumped into the same stereotypes; Satan worshippers, church burners, etc. What are your feelings on those stereotypes, and in particular, the scenario of burning churches?

We do not really identify our selves with those people although we also play black metal. It seems to us as if this is only for entertaining purposes and there is no real need or sense behind this stupidness.

The metal scene in Austria is a mystery to the fans in the US. So, what is it like to be a metal artist in Austria, and more specifically, a black metal artist?

So there is a scene in austria but we don't really feel that we are a part of it, and we don't have much insider knowledge about the scene in general.

The video for the song “Havoc,” a track that will be included in the first Sorrow Eternal Sampler disc, has started an argument around the office. What is video about, and who came up with the concept behind it?

Thanks for this honour. The concept was done by morgoth and axis. The video itself should be interpreted by your self.

What bands do you find yourselves listening to in your spare time? Do your tastes fall more to metal, or do you find yourself listening to things outside the genre?

Everybody in our band is into different kinds of music our taste goes from Black metal to Synthie Pop.

How has social media, like Facebook and Myspace, affected the way you communicate with your fans? Do you find they have been an effective tool to spread your message?

It is a great opportunity to advertise our gigs, and spread news about the band. It also makes this things easier.

On the opposite side of that thought, what are your thoughts on the downloading of music? How has the illegal distribution of music affected your lives as musicians?

It is shit, but on the other hand, who cares.

What are your plans for the future of Asphagor? Are there any plans to take this project abroad?

Yes indeed, we want to play abroad, but it is not easy to organize gigs in other countries with no help of local promoters/bands.

We are writing on a new album at the time which is going to be more variable and heavier.
We have 5 songs finished so far and it will not last very long to unleash these bastard songs on cd.
The new album is going to be produced by patrick w. engel.

Thank you again for allowing us to ask these questions. We appreciate the time, and wish you the best of luck with the album, and future efforts.

Thank you too.

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