Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Insomnium - One For Sorrow (2011)

Finally, melodic death metal band Insomnium has returned with another pulverizing, action packed album. It goes by the name “One For Sorrow.” It’s got tons of progressive riffs mixed with deafening guitars and depressive tones. You will find nothing but godly guitar solos and beautiful melodies throughout the entire album. There is even some diverse change ups in the vocals as they add a little more clean singing mixed with there demonic growls.

The album starts off with “Inertia“ which is a three minute intro that really builds up the album and gives you a little taste of what is to come. It’s nothing but insane guitar work and catchy melodies. As the intro fades you fall right into “Through The Shadows” which opens with loud monstrous guitars that chug rapidly with violent drum fills. They layer this with the lead guitar throwing melodic notes from left to right relentlessly. The motion of the song will have you bobbing your head from start to finish. As the verse starts, you are hit with a deep devilish growl that will make you flinch as he lyrics beat down on you. Fast chugging riffs accompany the vocals as they build louder and louder into the refrain. A mixture of clean singing and growling are combined together in the refrain leaving a catchy melody echoing through your head. After hearing this, you won’t be able to help but replay this track again and again. It’s got so much energy and overwhelming vocals that consume you deep into the album. Although when you finally do decide to move on to the next track, you are definitely in for another treat. “Song Of The Blackbird” provides you with complicated drum fills and blaring guitar chords with heavy distortion on top of them. The snap of the snare will constantly shake you violently as the bass lines run you over. You’ll find similar elements in “Only One Who Waits” as well. It’s nothing but pure melodic death metal being shoved in your face. This bridge in this song has got a really catchy melody to it as well as it starts off quiet and builds up to be a gigantic wave of reckless guitars all mashed together with a solo to follow. This will destroy you.

“Unsung” is a crucial track off the album that you don’t want to miss. It starts with a soft melody that is immediately torn down by the monstrous guitars that follow it. The verse kicks in with harsh growling that runs along side dark aggressive guitars and exploding drumming. The double bass pedaling is phenomenal. You are hit with the refrain often throughout the song as melodic guitar riffs take over sending you to a whole different dimension of sound. About three and a half minutes into the track you will come across the bridge which contains some beautiful clean vocals which have heavy amounts of reverb. This then leads into the refrain one last time as machine gun double bass pedals come through with explosive energy.

The band takes a break from all the violent guitars and heavy growling with “Decoherence.” This little three and a half minute track is a gorgeous instrumental with lots of soothing strings and acoustic guitars. Its got a lot of passion and it definitely adds more beautiful to this beast of an album. They use some interesting flange effects on the drums as well giving it sort of an unclear image. This is one of those relaxing tracks then let you catch your breathe as you prepare for more heavier songs like “Lay The Ghost To Rest.” Wild melodic guitars coming flying in with booming drums. Meanwhile cymbals are crashing all around you. The verse contains some vicious growling as the guitars provide the melody. Definitely check this track out.

Towards the end of the album you’ll come across another great song, entitled “One For Sorrow.” It starts out slow with soothing clean guitars and calm drums patterns. The verse comes in with layered vocals. They combine clean singing with a light growl that barely fades behind it. This gives off a very eerie feel to the song. The chorus however, is straight harsh growling lyrics with overwhelming guitar riffs chugging in the background. The guitar work overall is incredible and definitely gives a epic sound to the music. As the song fades, you run into the final song on the album, called “Weather The Storm.” This is the beast of them all as far as wicked growling goes. The vocals are amazing as dirty guitar riffs soar in the background carrying the deep growls throughout the track. The drums are relentless as well as they leave no time for rest with all of the constant snares and kicks. The fills towards the end of the song are absolutely mind blowing.

Clearly the band has shown that they will continue to release the fantastic melodic death metal sounds that they have always produced. They have improved again and again with each and every album and they have done it again with “One For Sorrow.” Hopefully they do a world tour so we can witness these incredible tracks live. Don’t miss out on this exciting new album!


Official Site - http://www.insomnium.net/
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