Friday, November 11, 2011

Black Tusk - Set The Dial (2011)

Falling into the stoner metal genre, Black Tusk is back again with another pulverizing album. The title is “Set The Dial” and it’s got some powerful guitar riffs and wild vocals throughout the album. The production is great as you'll hear that it isn't perfectly recorded but that they leave a little bit of rawness in their instruments.

“Brewing The Storm” opens up this energetic album along with its guitar heavy riffs and deep bass melodies that follow. You’ll also find some awesome drum patterns in the background that definitely pack a lot of power in the mix. “Bring Me Darkness” is the follow track on the album. It starts with lead singer Andrew Fidler screaming out the lyrics “666.” This track really gets your blood flowing with its catchy guitar riffs an exploding drum rolls that knock you on your ass constantly. The vocals switch up between harsh screaming and clean sing. Definitely get ready to bob your head to this one.

Machine gun snares start of “Ender Of All.” Distorted guitar riffs get right to work with Fast pace chugging layered with heavy bass melodies behind them. The drumming is incredible with its detailed fills constantly beating you down. The upbeat tempo of the song really keeps you at the edge of your seat the entire time. The mood gets darker with “Mass Devotion” which starts with slow guitar riffs that eventually build up and get louder along with the cymbals and snares. The first minute is all instrumental but then quickly breaks into violent vocals with a light spoken voice that is set barely in to the background. This adds a really cool effect to the vocals. Overall it’s a short song but definitely packs a punch. “Set The Dial To Your Doom” is another short song but probably has some of the most incredible drumming on the album. It reminds me of old school Mastodon with its wicked guitars and strange song structure. The different layeres of vocals also add an interesting sound to the whole thing.

“Resistor” comes crashing in with catchy guitar melodies and booming drums that’ll make you want to throw you devil horns in the air immediately. This is a great instrumental and really gives this album a kick. This fades right into “This is Devine” which starts with splashing cymbals and fast upbeat guitars. The snares are absolutely relentless in this one. The vocals are delivered in a low but aggressive voice. This changes to higher screamer as you move deeper into the song. “Growing Horns” and “Crossroads and Thunder” are the final two tracks on the album and really end things with a bang. They are nothing but monstrous guitars chugging away chord after chord with bass lines that’ll blow you away. Needles to say, the drumming is phenomenal. Every roll carries you right into the next riff perfectly. Also you’re constantly surrounded by crashing cymbals keeping you wide awake and focused. You find yourself hitting the repeat button on these two tracks.

“Set The Dial” is one of those albums that great beginning to end, and you don’t even realize when you’ve gone through the whole album. I end up losing track of how many times I play it when listening to the whole thing. Black Tusk has really stepped up and showed their true colors with this new album. Definitely check it out!


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