Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fading Waves - The Sense Of Space EP (2011)

Coming across another one-man band, Fading Waves is operated by a musician by the name of Alexey Maximuk. The Russian atmospheric post-metal band has come out with a new EP, entitled “The Sense Of Space.” It includes multiple guest musicians and many different instruments and sounds to create a unique and beautiful background.

“Air” opens up the album with two minutes and 45 seconds of eerie sound effects and haunting synths. You also hear voices in the distance. It almost sound like some sort of radio with people talking lightly in the background. As this strange introduction fades you are met with the song “Flashes.” It starts with calm guitars notes and soft hats and snares. An angelic voice soon follows starting off the verse with a gorgeous ghostly sound. This is the only verse throughout the entire song. The rest of the song includes a couple of different synthesizers and mixed melodies but keeps the overall pace the same. The track itself is over nine minutes long however after about five minutes a lot of it starts to sound the same. Nothing to exciting to look forward to later towards the end. It would have been better if they song faded out around five minutes in. The beginning is great and the vocals are beautiful but get ready to be bored as the second half of the song sort of just drags out with the same old repetitive melody.

The next song, “Destroying The Time,” becomes a little more aggressive as it starts out with distorted guitar riffs that build up as louder drums rush in with smashing cymbals and snapping snare drums. Things quiet down for a brief moment while just the bass continues to thump. Not even two minutes in however, the monstrous drum rolls and rapid guitars come right back in with a wicked melody and lots of distortion. And even more exciting, vocals kick in soon after with roaring growls and exploding drum fills. This is where the devil horns come in handy. The vocals could be turned up just a little more in the mix however for the most part everything sounds pretty good. The guitar work is crystal clear and almost becomes more of a lead than the actual vocals. Either way it’s a kick ass track with lots of energy and power.

“Perforate The Sky” keeps the mood heavy with more heavily distorted guitars chugging away while vicious growls rip through the first verse with harsh demonic tones. The drums are relentless through most of the song as they continue to pound away at you non stop for the first three and a half minutes straight. The great part about this song is that its got a softer side to it as well. The vocals switch from the aggressive growling to the gentle female singing vocals as slower guitars play soothing melodies in the background. Even the drums become a lot lighter during her verse. In the end, both vocals share a part as they go back and forth giving off a beauty and the beast type of feel to the music. The drums start to pick up again with rapid cymbals exploding behind the thunderous kick and snare patterns. You can tell a lot of emotion went into this song.

The final song on the EP is called “Through The Veins.” It too starts with distorted guitar blaring away with wild melodies. The thing you really want to pay attention to here is the drum fills. The detail delivered with the snare and toms are incredible and add a lot of energy to the music. You aren’t greeted with any vocals until a little of two minutes into the song. More devilish growls are thrown at you with reckless guitar riffs. The track starts to calm down for a bit while the drums and guitar become a little more basic and slower. This is around the time the female vocals fade in slowly with stunning melodies covered in lots of reverb. Afterwards are more demonic growls along with catchy guitar riffs and crazy drum rolls. The ending only gets better from here. After you hit the 6 minute mark, the guitars go absolutely insane with speedy melodic riffs that run throughout the rest of the song giving you no time to catch your breathe. Meanwhile the drums continue to blow up in the background. This will definitely make you want to hit the replay button. The ending is just phenomenal.

As a fairly new band, Fading Waves has got a lot of potential as the compositions show much detail into each song musically and lyrically. The EP started out kind of slow but really picked things up at the end. The performance in the guitars were excellent as well. The more creative this band gets, the better they’ll be. Especially delivering such a unique style of music.


Official Site - http://fadingwavesband.com/
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/fadingwavesband

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