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Infinita Symphonia: The Interview

We were fortunate enough to steal some time from the entire line-up for Italian progressive power metal newcomers Infinita Symphonia. The guys answer some questions about the band, the album, "A Mind's Chronicle" and all of the pieces that led up to an "album of the year" contender. A big thanks to Daniela and the entire Infinita Symphonia camp for giving us this opportunity.

First and foremost, we want to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us.
Your time and insight are greatly appreciated.

What is the significance of the title of your new album, "A Mind's Chronicle"? What was the inspiration behind it?

(Gianmarco Ricasoli) is not easy to isolate the crucial point that has led us to today. Personally I felt a sort of sponge that has absorbed so much water for so long and at one point I felt the physical need to throw it out. The way this came out was A Mind's Chronicle, surreal adventure in which all of us IS us reflect, as it is a bit 'the metaphor of our lives from the moment we started to believe in this project. Behind AMC is definitely a work of abstraction very high, but everything has gone from our lives, from what we've been absorbed in recent times (it is useless to deny that there are also women who have inspired part of our "news "eheheh (:).
all this giving prominence to the same inspiration, without compromise and at the same time trying to convey every emotion with his" right sound ".

The album artwork seems to tie in perfectly with the title and concept. Who created the
image, and what does it mean to you, as a band?

(Luca Micioni) The cover was realized by Davide Nadalin of clay NERVE DESIGN, which has already worked for bands like Vision Divine, Bulldozer, Extrema, Eldritch, and many others.. He was very good at starring in images just the sense of the title!

The large open space is the size of the human mind and the man crouching on the floor above our
own symbol represents the flow of all thoughts and emotions that go through your mind.

(Alberto De Felice) I think in addition that the concept the cover describes is also the 'absence from the constraints of our conception of music.

(Gianmarco Ricasoli) In reality, there is no univocal interpretation, each one of us can see what he wants, as he wishes by interpreting the meaning ... Simply enter the world represented on the cover and "look with the eyes" of the character portrayed ...

Many feel that power metal often lacks the heavier edge, and progressive metal lacks a true sense of melody. On one album, you combine the best aspects of both, without any of the flaws of either. How did you come to such a dynamic mix of heavy and heavenly?

(Gianmarco Ricasoli) It 'hard to give a definition of genre or style or pogressive power .. of .. we like to think that many different influences have helped us to create a new sound, a staff that emerges naturally in our work .... avoiding the risk of being too similar to someone else, so we hope to have created something original, we never set out to play a specific kind of metal .. it came all in a very natural.

Luca Micioni's vocals are the perfect mix of power and grace, opening many different doors for the music to enter. How does his range affect the writing process for Infinita Symphonia?

(Luca Micioni) For this album we started working in two Gianmarco and I and then we proposed the songs to the rest of the band ... Gianmarco, the guitarist, wrote all musics and then I ended them up with melodies for I think I could say that music gave me the chance to express myself with voice...and than we found we agreed the way of thinking the songs...

Your new album features collaborations with both Fabio Leone, of Rhapsody Of Fire fame, and Tim "Ripper" Owens, most famously of Judas Priest. How did these partnerships come to be?

(Luca Micioni) we asked...and they said ok!! know, that’s not so distant from the truth...we strongly wanted to have their participation on the album, and fortunately they accepted! We are so proud of this, it has been an incredible experience to have their collaboration on our first Album! To meet them,and listen at their own way to interpret our own music...was simply great!

I had the dream to duet with them..and it has been possible thanks to their being so open-minded…they are very professional but even so kind…

You guys are very young, as a band, yet you have the more polished sound of a veteran outfit. How did you avoid the freshman mistakes, and hone your sound to such an elite level?

(Luca Micioni) It is true we are very young (apart from me hahaha) but 'every one of us already did' a lot of experience with other groups before Infinita Symphonia, so 'to establish a professional relationship more' mature .. and maybe this has also influenced the sound of the band.

How does the writing process work for Infinita Symphonia? Where does the music begin, and how does it develop into the finished product, ready for inclusion on an album?

(Luca Micioni) As I have already 'mentioned earlier, we have worked on two songs on texts on music, then all the material is passed into the studio where the other band members add their ideas. when we are all convinced of the work is finished we are ready to go in the studio for recording

Who are some of your main influences at this early stage of your career? What bands or artists have made the largest impact on your sound and style?

(Gianmarco Ricasoli) Our influences are many and varied, and lately I am passionate about a lot of bands like Nevermore, Opeth, Soilwork, Avenged Sevenfold and many others ... but my passion is always Iron Maiden, Rhapsody (now of Fire), Malmsteen, Helloween, Dream Theater, i owe so much to them. But in general I like to listen to anything educational purposes.

(Luca Micioni) Our influences are very different from each other .. we like to listen to everything from metal to metal classic today,from 'hard rock to progressive .. I do not deny that I like to listen to groups that have made the metal .. thanks to them we are here today and that definitely influenced our sound.

The American music scene is consumed by the topic of downloading. Everyone has an opinion on the subject, from the bands, to the labels, to writers like us. Days ago, Scott Ian, guitarist of Anthrax, suggested that people who download music should lose all internet privileges. How do you feel about the illegal downloading of music?

(Juan Pablo Pais) It is a very difficult question to answer....Surely the internet and illegal downloading is a big threat to the world of the music industry, but 'is more' easy to be known by most 'people around the world .. this argument is obviously more valid for new bands like us, and less for the bigs...

In a recent Sorrow Eternal interview, Italian black metal artist Hartagga (of the band Ogen) said that the Italian metal scene is becoming increasingly harder to break into for a new band. Do you agree with his thought? And how have you been received by your fellow countrymen thus far?

(Alberto De Felice) There is a strange tendency in Italy...many of italian listeners often use to judge new music and new bands even before listening and knowing them really, and so are not valued enough ... I'd like that was not so

(Luca Micioni) Well .. we know there are huge bands that represent very well "our" music .. Bands that have nothing to envy to foreign groups ... then the we are very surprised to recieve a so very good critics on our debut and even from Italian public, they are helping and supporting us so much, and this is certainly a source of pride to all of us!

As we run head first into November, and on to the end of the year, what is next for Infinita
Symphonia? What does 2012 hold in store for you?

(Luca Ciccotti) yes it's true....time passes quickly.. And the of the year is near...but we are ready for the next year with some news! I will still not reveal them ,but however, I can assure you that we'll bore again and again with our music hehe ; )

Lastly, we wanted to take a moment to say that your album has positioned itself as one of our
favorites this year. It came out of nowhere, and made a lasting impression. Whatever you do
next, we believe in YOU.

(Luca Micioni) Obviously we are delighted that you enjoyed and want to thank the entire editorial
staff of Sorrow Eternal and all the fans that follow us from so far away. I hope that sooner or later we will meet! We would really like to play in front of an audience so beautiful as you and your readers .. greetings to all .. and stay metal

and stay I.S. \ m / ciao

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