Monday, December 12, 2011

October - October (2011)

With incredible psychedelic sludge bands like Mastodon, Crowbar, and Baroness, it’s tough to attempt that style of music and be able to stand out from these massive musicians. No one wants to be compared to the more well known bands in a negative way. You’ve got to have something unique to really reach out and get recognition for your talents. The young band October has done a terrific job in displaying their talents in their new self titled album. It’s six tracks of heavy sludge metal with destructive guitar riffs and reckless drum rolls.

The album begins with “Rust Water” which starts with a soft guitar rift as it is quickly followed with a smooth bass line and light drum patterns. The song is mainly instrumental except for a few clips of vocals that jump in and out. This isn’t you basic verse chorus verse type of track. You’re met with clean singing vocals that are heard in the far distance behind the snares and cymbals. Soon entire loud distorted guitar riffs that chug away while the vocals become a little more aggressive as they shout in the background. “Winter Sunrise” fades in after with blaring guitars and detailed drum fills that will knock you on your ass immediately. The guitars have a bit of a groove in their melody and definitely add some catchyness to the music. The repetitive guitar riff will have you bobbing your head constantly. The vocals play a short part in this song as well. Harsh yelling lyrics fade in and out throughout the song shining light on certain parts of the track. The guitar riffs change up drastically towards then end as the tempo begins to pick up as well as the drum rolls that explode in the background.

In the next song, “Woman,” I must admit I am reminded of Mastodon’s “Bedazzled Fingernails” track off of their latest album “The Hunter” because the open lyrics in this song shout “Lay me down” in a similar sound. Besides that small part, this song stands up strong all by itself as the best song on the album. This six minute song comes rumbling in with fast chugging guitar riffs that will have you throwing your devil horns up high in the air. This is layered by outstanding drum rolls that will send chills down your spine. Wild cymbals are constantly crackling in your ear with splash after splash as they are accompanied by earth quake bass lines that roll right underneath you. When you get about half way through this masterpiece you will hit an electrifying guitar solo that runs for a clean 40 second and is of pure wickedness as notes come flying in from all directions. Monstrous guitar riffs pick back up as vocals yell violently in the background. This is such a moving track with tons of energy and excitement.

You come across a southern sound in “Mouth Uncle” as bluesy guitars and bass open up this psychedelic track. This is all you hear for the first two and a half minutes of this seven minute song. Soon after, deafening distortion comes blaring in keeping the same melody only adding more recklessness to the sound. The drum rolls are full of detail as they take full control of the background. Vocals are clearly not needed when you have a ridiculous guitar solo that completely destroys everything in its path. Melodic notes run up and down the scale constantly. It isn’t until the last minute and a half that vocals come into play. Their harsh delivery gives a powerful ending as relentless guitars beat you down.

The shortest song on the album “Trudging Heavy,” is not a track to skip. They manage to fit everything from verses of vocals to wild guitar solos all in only two and a half minutes. The drum rolls will surely shake you violently as more insane fills rumble at your feet. Following this quick song is the final track, entitled “Sea Cow.” This song is over 15 and a half minutes long and contains drastic change throughout. First comes more of the harsh chugging bass and guitars at slow speeds while snares and cymbals collide violently behind them. The rhythm will definitely get your head bobbing. This carries on for about 5 minutes straight when you then come across non distorted guitar melodies that are soothing and a little more upbeat. It stays at a progressive level with repetitive riffs while the drum patterns constantly change in the background. High octave notes then fade there way in providing a very different sound then what you have heard throughout this album. The guitars play as vocals for the most part as if they are singing to you in many different octaves. As far as the drumming goes, it just keeps getting better and better. The fills alone make this a song that I would love to hear over and over again. And with all the creative guitar sounds and melodies on top, there’s no doubt that you will be clicking the replay button before it even gets to the end of the song. Make sure you follow all the way through though. The ending is a beautiful mix of guitars layered on top of each other playing different melodies that lay perfectly together in one soothing motion. This is an absolute gorgeous way to end this album.

October has come stomping into the metal world with this bone crushing album. The guitar work is absolutely phenomenal as well as the performance of the deafening vocals. Also the raw recording of the instruments really adds depth to the bands sound. “October” has all the right tools to lift you into the music and drop you into a world of violent yet passion sounds. Get ready to be blown away with incredible guitar riffs and thunderous drums throughout the entire album.


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