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Mare Infinitum - Sea Of Infinity (2011)

Defining themselves as atmospheric black metal, Mare Infinitum brings you depressive sounds and demonic growls in their new album, entitled “Sea Of Infinity.” It’s five tracks of magnificent composing blackened by devilish vocals and overwhelming guitar riffs. They balance this well with a mix of gorgeous strings and angelic piano keys. The tracks run anywhere from nine to twelve minutes long so prepare yourself for this lengthy album.

Thundering drums rolls and mean guitar riffs blast into the first track, entitled “In Absence We Dwell.” Rumbling toms and snapping snares shake violently for the first two minutes of this 14 minutes masterpiece. Short clips of low demonic growling jump in and out between riffs as the distortion hits you in the face. Eerie string lay gently in the background while evil melodies continue to blare through the verse. The drum fills towards the middle of the song are absolutely mind blowing. Definitely make sure to check them out. The strings play more of a role as the song progresses to the five minute mark. Uplifting chords lift you for a slight moment as they layer them over the chugging guitar riffs. The dark growls take over with a devilish delivery. Soon after, everything becomes silent except for a light wind sound effect that lingers in the distance. As the wind whispers quietly, it begins to draw you in closer and closer as you are curiously waiting for what is next. Slowly enters a melancholy guitar riff full of depression and darkness. You are then surprisingly hit with clean vocals about nine and a half minutes in. This is followed by an eerie yet beautiful guitar solo that sweeps you off your feet with its gorgeous melodies. What a way to start off the album.

“Sea Of Infinity” is another lengthy track that runs for a little under ten minutes long. It starts with screaming guitars blasting from left to right. Each chord crashes right into the next as cymbals collide in the background. A light chant of clean vocals fade in for a short period of time but is then taken over by demonic growls. The two sets of vocals go back and fourth throughout the track as they are accompanied by a beautiful piano riff that adds light to this depressive scene. A melodic guitar solo rocks you to sleep towards the end of the song as soothing strings accompany them in slow depressive tempos.

Swampy guitars come rumbling in with heavy distortion in “Beholding The Unseen.“ The snare slams heavily in between each thumping kick in a very slow motion. More monstrous growls open up the first verse. Deep guitar chugging consumes the background. Halfway through the song, the growling vocals are mashed together with the clean vocals as they perform the same lyrics together giving clear and yet monstrous tones through the refrain. The delivery is phenomenal. “November Euphorio” develops a little more slower than the last track as depressive strings open up the song. About two minutes later enters piano riffs, booming drums and echoing guitars. Crying guitar solos take over most of the song as they are backed up with destructive minor chords and soft strings. The song goes back and forth from dark and depressing to absolutely beautiful.

“In The Name Of My Sin” is the closing track that runs for over twelve minutes long. They continue with their slow opening starts as repetitive guitar riffs take over the first three minutes of the song. Exploding drum fills collide in the background as monstrous growling vocals enter. More crying guitars enter shortly after as they surround you with sadness. The drum fills begin to get more detailed as well. Definitely make sure to listen closely. Ground shaking guitar riffs beat you down constantly throughout the rest of the song as the vocals destrioy you one last time.

Mare Infinitum does a tremendous job with the delivery of “Sea Of Infinity.” You’re able to capture every depressive detail with their slow tempos and melodies. The vocals are performed well throughout the entire album as they continued to knock down everything in their way. There were a few elements that really reminded me of the band Ahab. They carry a very similar style in their guitars and song structure. Definitely check out “Sea Of Infinity.” It’s an album you won’t want to miss.


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