Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pursuing The End - Withering (EP) (2012)

After much success from their previous EP, “Dawn of Expiation“, the Italian symphonic band Pursuing The End is back with a few brand new tracks from their up coming EP, entitled "Withering." We have been fortunate enough to get a first look at three of the unreleased tracks.

The intro track, entitled “Overture,” opens with overwhelming orchestrated instruments that will immediately open your ears. Heavy toms are surround by flying strings layered heavily with many different chords. It sounds like a score written for an epic film. Rolling snares soon fade in with thunderous energy as the song builds up and prepares you for “Withering.” Your immediately hit with soaring operatic female vocals as they fly over distorted guitar riffs and booming drum fills. Clean male vocals take over the verse as relentless snares bash away in the background. Wild synth melodies consume you as you run into the gorgeous chorus. Quick double bass pedals keep the tempo high while the female vocals come back in and sweep you off your feet. They are accompanied by devilish growls that follow her every lyric giving off a beauty and the beast type of sound. Soon after comes a breath taking piano solo during the bridge. All of the guitars and drums fade out while you hear nothing but angelic piano riffs and soothing strings behind them. This is quickly taken over by an incredible guitar solo that completely destroys the musical scale. Notes go flying by from every direction with electrifying excitement. This is a fantastic track that really shows of the talents of this band.

The third track is called “Glimpse Of Forbidden.” This starts out in a dark tone as haunting female vocals open with eerie synth effects in the background. Her ability to hit such high notes is absolutely mind blowing. Monstrous guitar riffs chime in soon after with heavy distortion. They are joined by exploding drum fills that carry much detail. The double bass pedaling towards the middle of the song makes you want to throw your metal horns up. Both male and female vocals share the stage through most of the song while they even manage to include a few growls in between. The high female chanting during the pre chorus really gives off an old school Nightwish feel it reminded me of Tarja’s style of vocals. The song structure amazing and the orchestrated instruments definitely keep you hooked throughout the entire track.

Pursuing The End has clearly taken their musical talents to a whole other level. The layering of vocals is right on cue and fits perfect with the instruments around them. Musically, the orchestrated instruments will amaze you as soothing strings and beautiful piano riffs hypnotize you deep into each track. Definitely check these songs out. We cannot wait to hear what’s next!


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