Monday, February 27, 2012

Freedom Call - Land Of The Crimson Dawn (2012)

The symphonic power metal band, Freedom Call, is back with another amplified album, entitled “Land Of The Crimson Dawn.” The German outfit delivers monstrous guitar solos and catchy refrains throughout this epic adventure of an album. It contains 14 tracks that you won’t be able to get enough of after you hear it.

The album opens with the energizing “Age Of The Phoenix.” The verse kicks right in with powerful clean vocals that fly high over blaring guitar rifts and fast double bass pedal drumming. Layered vocals build up the chorus as cymbals constantly smash in the background. The refrain holds catchy lyrics and guitar riffs and will have you bashing your head to the melody throughout the track. Wild guitar solos follow after each refrain throwing melodic notes at you that will remain stuck in your head for days. This leads right into “Rockstar” which starts with rapid chugging guitar riffs with epic layered guitars on top. Strings and synths float in the background consuming you deep into the song. The verses are delivered with aggressive singing vocals that slowly turn into layered vocals that chant into the chorus. This refrain will grab you the minute you hear it. I played this song over and over again the first few times I heard it. It’s just that damn good. They include insane guitar solos that will knock you on your ass. Meanwhile the double bass pedals and snares come through and beat you to the ground.

“Crimson Dawn” jumps in with gorgeous piano riffs and hell raising guitar melodies. The verses contain galloping bass lines and soaring vocals that make you want to throw your devil horns into the air. The chorus comes through with more catchy lyrics and guitar riffs as wicked drum fills rumble beneath you. Violent cymbals destroy the background through most of the song as they relentlessly shatter away. The bridge consists of a gorgeous piano riff that is accompanied by soothing strings and light vocals. It then runs right into heavy chugging gutiars and dark growling vocals. Yes that’s right I said growling vocals. It through me off as well but you’ll find that it goes perfect with the track.

Another powerful track on this album is “66 Warriors.” It opens with a creeping synth sound effect as they chant, “Warrior Oh Warrior” in the background. The verses are filled with fast guitar riffs and quick double bass pedals as cymbals echo behind them. The chorus delivers super high pitched vocals that really put the “pow” in “power.” The guitars stay aggressive throughout the song as they mix it up between melodic chords and beastly chugging riffs. The song ends with a mind blowing guitar solo that has wicked noted thrown in every direction. This is definitely one track you do not want to miss.

After playing these four songs for the first time you might find yourself restarting the album. That is just how good these first four tracks are. Each one is unique and catchy in their own way and definitely become stuck in your head for a while. However don’t stop listening here. There’s still a couple awesome tracks to hear. “Hero On Radio” reminds me of an Edguy song the way its got a corny title and lyrics but is catchy as hell. The chorus contains soaring vocals with simple lyrics that you’ll start singing to right when you first hear it. The track has a very uplifting mood and seems like it would be fun to see live.

Towards the end of the album you will come across a song called “Eternity.” It opens with heavy strings and ravishing piano riffs. Double bass pedals destroy the background as punishing guitar riffs come flying in. The verses are calm and begin to layer with more vocals. This builds up the chorus perfectly as double bass drumming continues to roll through while catchy guitars and bass chug away in the background. You’ll be humming along in no time. This is one song you don’t want to miss.

Freedom Calls has been up and down with past albums like “Dimensions” and “Legends Of The Shadowking” but neither compare to “Land Of The Crimson Dawn.” This is a phenomenal album from front to back giving you catchy riff after catchy riff and upbeat lyrics that will have you singing along throughout its entirety. This is definitely gonna be on everyones top 5 for best power metal album of the year. Make sure you pick it up and check it out!


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