Friday, February 10, 2012

Inner Fear - First Born Fear (2012)

Now we’ve come across bands in the past that have attempted to mix techno with metal and the results were pretty bad. But perhaps we were too quick to judge. Martin Marthus, drummer of Cradle Of Filth, has an interesting side project known as Inner Fear. The gothic black metal band has released their new album, entitled “First Born Fear.” Some of the riffs and vocals sound very similar to that of Cradle Of Filth however they also add some unique keyboards to the mix. Believe it or not, a lot of these tracks have a good amount of electronic melodies that actually go really well with the music.

Sobbing strings and gorgeous piano keys open up in the “I.N.T.R.O.” The instruments flow together smoothly and run right into “Fear Proclaimed.” This six minute track jumps right in with symphonic strings and epic keyboards along with upbeat distorted guitars that gets you rocking your head immediately. The snares are relentless as they constantly pound away at you while double bass pedal rumble heavily underneath them. Harsh black metal growls chomp into to verse and echo throughout the song. The refrain contains a mixture of growls and gorgeous female vocals that mash together perfectly as a beauty and the beast type of tone.

“Imprisoned In Forgotten Dungeon” is shockingly refreshing and shows how electronic sounds actually can work with black metal. It starts with synthesizers playing techno melodies that sound like they came off of an Armin Van Buuren album. This builds up right into blaring guitars and and thunderous drum rolls. Cymbals are shattering left and right while strings glide smoothly in the background. This gives off a very epic and dark sound. The verses are full of devilish black metal screams that will haunt you for days. The refrain is delivered with more back and forth vocals between growls and angelic female singing. Her vocals really shine in this one as she soars over the guitars and drums with beautiful melodies. This is definitely a song you’ll find yourself going back to.

More catchy keyboard melodies open up “Lustmistress” as drums coming rolling in heavily shortly after. Snares fire away with an upbeat tempo and insane double bass pedals that completely beat you into the ground. Guitars are constantly chugging away as you run into the verse. The vocals are delivered in more of a chanting style with multiple layers of voices. This is of course, followed by violent screams and growls. There is also a part in the middle of the song that consists of male singing vocals that back up the female vocals as they are both performed in a whisper type of tone. Then it jumps right back to the aggressive guitars and growling vocals. “I Watch The Blood Forever” and “Inner Fear” throw tremendous drum rolls at you with quick speeds and punchy double bass pedals that will have you moshing in your own home. The detail in the patterns are just incredible. They also display a great range of symphonic frustrated sounds in the background that keep album epic and unique.

“Love Is A Poisonous Cunt” is a song you just have to listen to. Besides its ridiculous title, the song is gorgeous as it holds lots of strings and synths that build up around the ravishing female vocals. Meanwhile the demonic growls echo over the guitars with devilish tones. They include a massive breakdown in the middle of the track that will shake you violently. This is definitely another track that will make you want to hit the replay button to.

Inner Fear has really proven that techno tones and electronic melodies actually can play a positive part in heavy metal. Besides these groovy techno sounds, they also display a well rounded mix of instruments and vocals. The female vocals are absolutely astonishing and will definitely sweep you off your feet with her melodic pitch. The guitars stay dark and gruesome while thumping bass lines and double bass pedals rattle from underneath you. “First Born Fear” has everything you and more when it comes to symphonic black metal. Definitely take some time to check this album out!


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