Thursday, February 16, 2012

Opera IX - Strix - Maledictae In Aeturnum (2012)

The year of 2012 brings us another powerful album by an Italian band known as Opera IX. The symphonic black metal band has been around for quite some time now, and has just released their new album, entitled “Strix - Maledictae In Aeternum.” This is the bands seventh full length album and contains 12 violent tracks.

After a haunting intro with church bells and distant chanting in the background, “1313 (Eradicate The False Idols)” comes in with blaring guitar riffs and harsh growls filled with evilness. Double bass pedals connect each riffs while shattering cymbals clash heavily behind them. You’re hit hard with wicked solos in between each verse as the screechy melodies rip your face off. Dark piano riffs join in on the third verse adding strong gothic tones. The tempo starts to pick up towards the middle of the track as double bass kicks rumble quickly beneath you. Meanwhile relentless snares pound away at you forcing you to bob your head to the beat.

Your greeted with rapid snare rolls in “Dead Tree Ballad.” The monstrous guitar riffs will have you throwing your devil horns up immediately. Eerie strings consume the background complex double bass drumming kicks in. Violent growls take over each verse and echo loudly throughout the song. More machine gun snares are shooting in during the middle of the song where the tempo picks up. The refrain consists of growls and screams layered together giving a more fuller effect to the heavier part of the track. Things change up drastically towards the end of the song as chugging guitars and catchy melodies begin along with low muddy growls. Definitely make sure you check this song out.

“Vox In Rama” is an eight minute song that the band split into two separate tracks on the album. Part one starts out with bone chilling sound effect and light chanting in the distance as ominous guitar riffs come whipping in throwing wild solos at you right off the bat. Roaring growls shout in the background but are very difficult to hear. Evil strings fade in with dark melodies that fade into part two. This is where booming drums and more distorted guitars come in. devilish growls come in loud and clear unlike the first part. The delivery of the vocals are perfect in this one. Towards the end you’ll come across some interesting drum solo patterns that will blow your mind. Then follows low chugging guitar riffs and jack hammering double bass pedals that really end the track with a bang.

Another beast track that really stands out on this album is “Nemus Tempora Maleficarum.” It’s a six minute song that’s wastes no time getting started as aggressive guitars begin chugging away. Strings surround them with melancholy tones while double bass pedals go crazy in the background. This is where you’re going to want to start moshing. Harsh demonic growls fill the air and completely destroy everything in its way. Slow chugging riffs step in during the bridge while wild drum solos explode behind them leaving you shaken up throughout the rest of the album. The song closes out with depressive strings layered with wretched growls and minor chords blasting in your face all at once. It’s a lot to take in but after hearing it once you’ll definitely want to hear it again.

“Strix - Maledictae In Aeternum” leaves you with chills rolling down your spine with its haunting lyrics and evil tones. Scratchy guitar solos will haunt you in your sleep as the evil growling vocals play in your head over and over again. Opera IX are considered veterans in the world of metal and their new album has proven that they can still deliver incredible music.


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