Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Podcast: Episode 36 (Hi, my name is....)

So, after 35 episodes, we have decided to make an effort to be more professional. No, that won't stop the fart jokes or the actual farting. But, we can now reveal to you our true names. Justin, the artist formerly known as Murmaider, talks about the new albums by Zgard and Vinterblot. And Darrell, that guy with the numbers in his name, gives his take on the album by Valtari and Dakesis. Another great week for music.

More random shit comes next. We talk the album sales of the new Van Halen, the pending Black Sabbath reunion, minus drummer Bill Ward, the new album by Slayer, and why you never need to read another review on When someone can give that new Lacuna Coil an 8.5/10, you know they don't care.

Part 1 for you, folks. Here.

Part 2 goes here, just for you.

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