Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Podcast: Episode 37 (We march to the beat of a different drummer...)

Back again for another round! This week, Darrell and Justin sit down to talk about Chester, and his latest medical issue.... then some new reviews, as usual. Justin has some things to say about Your Tomorrow Alone, as well as some praise for Opera IX. Darrell was lucky enough to stumble upon a hidden gem with Arke's new EP, "Shatner," and the latest effort by Italian power metal band Drakkar.

But this time around, we wanted to talk drums. Not the physical drums themselves, but the guys who sit behind the kit and do the dirty work. We all know there are some beasts out there, but these guys are the ones that we can call our favorites.

If you want part one, click here.

If part two is what you seek, your cursor goes here.

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