Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Podcast: Episode 38 (Rocket ride to Planet Piss)

No need for introductions this time. We jump right into the fray to discuss some of our reviews. Justin sticks to the flat 50 this time around, with two American bands in Fister and Spiral. Darrell wanders abroad once again, visiting Russia to check out Svartby, and France to get his first listen of Kells. But we are preoccupied tonight. We were once told that the Metalocalypse had begun. Well, a new wave is coming. Season 4 is on the way, accompanied by a new album by Brendan Small's Galaktikon. What the hell? Well, we know very little, but we have a lot to say about the man, the band, and the show.

Part 1, son.

Part 2, dawg.

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