Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Your Tomorrow Alone - Ordinary Lives (2012)

A new bands takes the stage in Italy known as Your Tomorrow Alone. The six piece band has released their new album, entitled “Ordinary Lives.” Although the band lists themselves as a doom gothic metal band, the album contains a wide variety of sound that falls under everything from heavy progressive to depressive gothic metal with both clean vocals and death metal growls.

The opening track, entitled “Renaissence,” immediately jumps at you with monstrous growls and heavy guitar riffs that chug away in the background. Clean vocals follow as guitars layer on top of each other while the drums become louder and more aggressive. Make sure to pay close attention to the drum fills as you will notice the insanely detailed rolls towards the end of the song. It‘s absolutely mind blowing. “Praise For Nothing” really shows their progressive side as you will hear multiple changes in the song structure as well as multiple guitar riffs and melodies. It starts with rumbling drums and bass while guitar chords are slammed in the background. There is a beautiful piano riff on top that hypnotizes you deep into the music. The verse opens with more clean vocals that reach out and grab you leading you right into a mess of powerful guitar riffs and wicked growls. The second verse has the growling vocals and clean vocals layered on top of one another giving a solid beauty and the beast type of feel. This is definitely a track you don’t want to skip.

Soothing strings open up “The Essence Of Gloom” as calm guitar riffs fade in on top. Clean vocals float over the melodies with gentle lyrics. Meanwhile light drum patterns take over the background keeping the song upbeat and yet mellow at the same time. Soon after comes a wave of vicious growls and blaring distorted guitars that will completely knock you down. “Bursting Hope” is another track that really keeps things changing between slow sad emotions and wild growls with reckless drumming. The verses contain light clean vocals with little guitars and basic drum riffs that are surrounded by gorgeous strings and synths. The refrain comes rolling in with demonic growls and booming kicks and snares that will knock you on your ass for sure. They throw in a ravishing piano solo after the first chorus that really takes your breath away. On top of that they add quick double bass pedals to keep the track moving at a smooth speed. This is definitely one of the more emotional songs on the album.

“One Last Breath” begins slowly with dark keyboards and piano riffs. Clean vocals take over the verse with clear lyrics and thumping bass lines. This quickly changes when harsh growling comes flying in destroying everything in its path. The refrain consists of the growling and clean vocals going back and forth showing a mixture of anger and sadness. This is followed by an interesting keyboard melody that will ring in your head for days.

The finals track to close out the album is “In Silence.” It starts out with clean vocals immediately jumping right into the first verse. It stays at this pace for the first half of the song then changes up out of no where with exploding drum fills and monstrous guitar riffs that chug away violently. Also, aggressive growling vocals step in and completely rip your head off. The vocals and song structure of this song is as if Stratovarius wrote the beginning and end of the song while Opeth wrote the middle. With an awesome description like that you just have to check this track out. You’ll definitely need to go back and play it a few times to catch everything.

“Ordinary Lives” is a very moving album with a lot to offer. Emotional keyboards and strings leave you depressed while hell raising guitar riffs and wild drum rolls make you want to mosh. The album reaches out to so many different genres it’ll have you hooked for days as you re listen for all of the little details. Your Tomorrow Alone shows a good balance of clean singing and violent growls throughout the album keeping you at the edge of your seat. This is definitely a band I suggest keeping an eye on in the future.


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