Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Zgard - Reclusion (2012)

Guitarist Yaromysi, from a Ukrainian folk metal band called Goveria, has been working on his one man side project, Zgard, and has recently released his newest album, entitled “Reclusion.” Opposite from his main band, Yaromysi delivers his musical talents through atmospheric black metal melodies and tones.

Eerie wind sound effects display a haunting image in “Ice Indiffernce.“ It’s accompanied by layered synthesizers and strings. This dark intro sets the mood perfectly for “Reclusion.” This is where the aggressive guitar riffs kick in. Running at over eight minutes long, the heavy tempos and thunderous drum fills will have you bobbing your head throughout the entire track. Vicious growling vocals take over the verses with ominous tones. Some of the guitar riffs sound like slowed down versions of what would normally be fast Viking melodies. They hold an epic sound even though they are demonic notes and melodies. This is similar in “Winter Withcraft” as well. Heavily distorted guitar riffs come blaring at you right off the bat. They’re accompanied by complicated drum rolls and rapid double bass pedal drumming. Yaromysi’s growling vocals lean more towards the black metal genre leaving you with chills in every lyric. Eerie synthesizers consume you deep into the music as more monstrous guitars come over the top and crush you with their harsh riffs.

“Eternity” fades in next with catchy guitar riffs and gloomy strings in the background. Hell raising growls coming rushing in for the verse as synthesizers surround them with hypnotizing melodies. The snare cracks off constantly making you want to throw your devil horns in the air and rock out to the tempo of the drums. The instruments pick up speed in the middle of the song as the guitars start to chug faster and faster while the snares and kicks become relentless beating you into the ground with every hit. “Rise Of Coldness” brings you into a more depressed state with its slow drum patterns and minor guitar chords. The vocals are performed in a slow speed display sadness and emotion. The track is ten minutes long and make sure you listen to the whole thing because the end has a nice little treat of a gorgeous flute solo that will make you want to play the track over and over again.

Synthesizers open up “Despair” with futuristic electronic sounds that echo off into the distance. Soon after comes rumbling double bass pedals and beastly guitar riffs. The vocals are delivered at a slow pace while the drums go crazy in the background. Each pattern changes in every fill keeping you at the edge of your seat waiting to hear whats next. The only thing that takes away from this song is the synthesizers. They are used a little to much. It they were replaced with piano notes it would sound a little more realistic. The electronic sound effect take you out of the music. However, “Weeping Goddess” brings you right back into it with dominating guitar riffs and wicked black metal growls that will make you shit yourself for sure. Eerie strings consume you while machine gun double bass pedals come through and completely destroy you with its quick kick patterns and exploding cymbals. This is one track you don’t want to miss out on.

“Reclusion” is a solid album with a lot to offer. The drumming is absolutely incredible with the double bass pedals mixed with detailed fills and high clashing cymbals. The synthesizers keep the album dark and cold while the guitar riffs shake things up with constant tempo changes and evil tones. If you’re looking for some new atmospheric black metal with strong vocals then definitely check this album out.


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