Thursday, March 8, 2012

M-pire Of Evil - Hell To The Holy (2012)

The new and improved M-pire Of Evil, formally known as Primevil, have released a new album, entitled “Hell To The Holy.” The former members of venom have really stepped things up with this beast of an album as you will hear nothing but bone crushing guitar riffs, dark lyrics, and explosive drum rolls throughout its entirety. The wicked melodies and thrashing tones will grab you and pull you in from start to finish.

The album opens up with murdering guitar riffs in “Hellspawn.” Thunderous drums keep the tempo fast and will have you thrashing immediately. The verses contain demonic lyrics delivered with pure violence. The vocals are shouted heavily throughout the track echoing in all directions. Later you’re hit with a hell raising solo that will knock you on your ass. This is followed by a ruthless breakdown full of heavy chugging guitars and booming drum rolls. “Metal Messiah” keeps things heavy with blaring guitars and insane double bass pedal drumming. Definitely through your devil horns up for this one. The vocals jump in and out punching you in the face with dark lyrics while melodic guitars take over the background. The double bass pedals continue to rumble away with snapping snares and shattering cymbals. This also has a wicked solo towards the end that will send chills down your spine. The wild melodic notes will have you hitting the repeat button as soon as the track is over.

“Hell To The Holy” opens with thunder and rain sound effects that slowly fade in as you wait for the music to drop in. About a minute and a half into the track come choppy guitars that jump in with thumping bass lines. The vocals are heavy but are delivered in a slower speed. The chorus however, gets louder as the vocals begin to shout “Bring hell to the holy ones!” The bridge throws blasting guitar riffs behind more shouting lyrics as they prepare you for the solo. This is definitely a track you don’t want to miss.

“Devil” starts out with a southern twang to it as groovy acoustic guitars open with catchy riffs. This quickly switches from acoustic to distorted as the drums crash in with exploding snares and crushing cymbals that destroy the background. The style of vocals are a little different then what you’ve heard through most of the album already. They’re still shouted recklessly but they have a little bit more of a melody to them. It goes perfectly with the southern tone of the song and will definitely have you rocking out of your seat.

The album ends with “M-pire (Prelude)” as dark riffs slow fade in quietly making you feel like you have to turn it up a bit. However you won’t have to once the heavily distorted guitars drop. A wall of violent riffs come in a crush you with demonic melodies and monstrous drum rolls. The double bass pedaling during the chorus rumbles beneath you as you’re swept off your feet with devilish vocals shouting “M-pire Of Evil.”

“Hell To The Holy” is a perfect thrash album that consists of that old school thrash sound and yet also carries some new techniques as well. The recording and performance of the instruments are clean with great quality making everything easy to hear. M-pire Of Evil provides you with wicked guitar solos and pulverizing breakdowns that will have you moshing around in no time. Definitely pick this album up and check it out.


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