Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meshuggah - Koloss (2012)

Meshuggah, Meshuggah, Meshuggah! They have returned. The extreme heavy metallers from Sweden have finally returned with yet another murderous album, entitled “Koloss.” You get a full 54 minutes and 32 seconds of non stop brutal riffs and thunderous drum rolls that will leave you bleeding out your ears while you scream for more. We have all waited pertinently for a solid four years and now it is here. Where should we begin?

Well the opening track “I Am Colossus” starts things off with punishing vocals that echo above screechy guitar riffs. The riffs are short at first but open up with massive distortion shortly after. Furious drum patterns light up the track with a burst of double bass pedals and cracking cymbals. Eerie synths enter towards the last minute of the song while the guitars throw monstrous riffs at you from all directions. This lead into “The Demon;s Name Is Surveillance” which blasts opening with jack hammering double bass pedaling and pounding snares that punch you dead in the face. Aggressive growling comes through murdering everything in site while you bob your head violently.

“Do Not Look Down” throws violent waves of wild bass lines and groovy tones with booming drum rolls. Cymbals crash constantly in the background while the snare beat you down with its relentlessness. Meanwhile Kidman comes in a completely destroys you with his wicked vocals. His harsh screams will echo in you head for days. Good luck trying to sleep.

A soft guitar riff plays gently at the beginning of “Behind The Sun” Don’t let this mellow sound fool you, behind it comes demonic guitars that chug away with dark melodies. The vocals continue to spark with devilish growls that are full of rage. The tempo of the song stays at a slow pace but that doesn’t stop the drum fills from going crazy. As you fall deeper into the track, you’ll find the drums becoming more and more vicious. Double bass pedals rumble recklessly underneath you knocking you on the ground. You won’t be able to help but mosh with the way these drum rolls fly at you. “The Hurt That Finds You First” picks up speed with fast chomping guitar riffs and relentless snares. The drums will drown you in bass waves with it’s overwhelming kicks and toms. The vocals scream with violence and anger as they rip your head off.

Songs like “Breaking Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion” and “Demiurge” stand as the backbone to this album. Hard hitting guitar riffs and thunderous drum rolls destroy your speakers at high volumes. They provide you with haunting tones along with hell raising growls and lyrics. The unique structure of the tracks keep you at the edge of your chair while you constantly bash your head to the drums. These are two tracks that are sure to have you hitting the replay button consistently.

Meshuggah continues with their madness as they come out with another outstanding piece of work. “Koloss” beats you into the ground track by track until there is nothing left of you. Then of course, you’re gonna want to play it again and again. The album is addicting as it is heavy. It’s eerie melodies will haunt you night after night as you find yourself playing this album day after day. This is definitely top ten of 2012 material.


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