Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Screaming Savior - Infinity (2012)

As we reach out to the evil shadows of Shanghai, China, we come across a vicious symphonic black metal band called Screaming Savior. The extreme metal group has recently released their newest album, entitled “Infinity.” The album is ten tracks long and is filled with wicked growls, gorgeous orchestration, and pulverizing drum rolls. The speed of the double bass pedals alone will make your ears bleed.

The album opens with the intro track, entitled “Derivation,” which is sounds like it came straight out of the score from the movie “Dark Knight.” Keyboards and strings slowly surround you with eerie tones pulling you closer into the album. Blaring distorted guitars open up in “Star Of Fatality.” A huge wave of fast pace guitar riffs blast away as double bass pedals rumble violently beneath you. You wont know if you should mosh and just bash your head to the rhythm. Demonic black metal vocals entire in the verses with aggressiveness and power. They also manage to add some screeching violins in the background add a haunting sound to the track. They cry with eerie tones as more evil growls come through and knock you on your ass. Devilish laughter echoes through the end of the track leaving a chill down your spine.

They continue with more beastly beatings in “Sanguinary Salvation.” The vocals are delivered perfectly as you’re hit with wretched words in such a demonic manor. Later you’re introduced to ravishing piano riffs that will take your breath away with its wild range of reckless notes that run up and down the scales beautifully. The guitars follow the melodies to a tee. Meanwhile you’ll also run into uncomfortable shouting lyrics that sound like someone is dying a slow death. Between this and the harsh growls, you’ll be completely swept off your feet. It’s songs like this and “Ocean Of Asura” where the orchestration floats perfectly in the background to where you hardly even notice it. But when you do, its angelic strings will consume you in darkness as monstrous guitar riffs come in and destroy you.

If you like incredibly fast double bass pedal drumming then make sure you check out “Nacha The Demon”. It sends mind blowing bass pedals with detailed fills and rolls from all angles knock you to the floor again and again. Shattering cymbals collide with deafening snares and toms leaving you beaten and bloody. The good news is, you get a short breather with following track “Pray To The Chthonic.” This track contains some gorgeous female humming melodies along with soft soothing strings. Things do become more heavier towards the middle of the two and a half minutes track as slow booming drums begin to rumble as heavily distorted guitars chug away behind them. Eventually you are with more devilish growls. This is the closest thing to a ballad that you’re gonna get from these guys so enjoy it. They definitely show a lot of emotion in the song even though aggressive lyrics are aimed at you towards the end.

If there is one track on this album you do not want to miss it’s “Ode To The Expedition.” The band shows a lighter, more epic side to themselves as high spirited horns open the track with catchy melodies. These horns carry throughout the track as the devilish vocals come through and rip you a new one. Although there are plenty of vicious guitar riffs and exploding double bass pedal drumming, they also throw in some amazingly catchy violin parts that’ll have you up and dancing like you’re doing an Irish jig. They definitely hold some folk like melodies in this one. This is a great all around track that anyone can connect to. It’s got elements for everyone to enjoy and still continues to stay extreme at the same time. Even “Curse Of Dreamland” has some folk parts in it with acoustic guitars and a change up in vocals. Yes that’s right, they add a little clean singing in this one which really takes you by surprise. This is perfectly story telling music that has orchestrated tones that remind you of a score from an adventure movie. They manage to balance out the aggressive guitars and drums with the soothing strings and soft violins and keyboards perfectly. You’re definitely gonna want to replay this track a few times.

For being such a young band, Screaming Savior has definitely stepped up and proven that they are for real. “Infinity” is only their second full length album so clearly they have constantly been busy writing such fantastic and detailed work. This album is an album that you can listen to from beginning to end and not have to skip any tracks. They leave you wanting more that’s for sure.


Official Site - http://www.last.fm/music/Screaming+Savior
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/screamingsavior

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