Monday, April 2, 2012

Accept - Stalingrad (2012)

The infamous Germany metal band Accept has risen once again with an electrifying new album, entitled “Stalingrad.” This is the bands 13th full length album following their 2010 album “Blood Of The Nations.” Lead guitars Wolf Hoffmann and his heavy metal crew set off to deliver another powerful piece of work.

The album opens with “Hung, Dawn, and Quartered” where catchy melodic guitars fly through the air accompanied by blaring distorted chords and exploding kicks and snares. Lead singer Mark Tornillo rushes in with aggressive clean vocals. The chorus fills the air with catchy upbeat lyrics that’ll have you singing along in no time. Meanwhile the drums come through and pound away with complex drum fills that are absolutely jaw dropping. And it doesn’t stop there. The second track, “Stalingrad” continues with monstrous drum rolls while thunderous guitars chug away making you want to throw your devil horns in the air and rock out recklessly. The chorus is guaranteed to be stuck in your head with its memorable lyrics and uplifting melodies. Later comes a wicked guitar solo that throws wild notes from all directions as various speeds. By the end of it you’ll be exhausted and out of bread only to run into “Hellfire” and “Flash To Bang Time.” Both delivering booming snares and heavy kicks that rumble violently. Relentless distorted guitars jump at you wave after wave constantly knocking you to the ground. The fast tempos will have you up and moshing immediately.

“Shadow Soldiers” slows the tempo down a bit with slower chugging riffs and basic kick and snare patterns that’ll have you bobbing your head. Powerful clean vocals come through in the verses pulling you closer into the music. Tornillo shows off his range in the refrain as he swings his pitch high in the air hitting notes you though he could no longer reach. Multiple vocals join in as they all chant “Shadow Soldiers” in a catchy tone. This is followed by another mind blowing guitar solo that’ll knock you out of your seat. “Revolution” gives you a short moment to rest as it takes a few seconds for it to completely fade in with its monstrous guitar riffs and violent drum fills. Tornilla becomes a little more raspy in the verses as you feel a lot more emotion coming from his voice. Shouting high pitch lyrics in the chorus keeps you amped and ready for more.

Definitely make sure you check out “The Quick And The Dead” as you head towards the end of the album. A wall of vicious guitar riffs are waiting to crush you with electrifying melodies. Meanwhile the snares and kicks fire away with deafening fills and detail rolls that’ll have you bashing your head recklessly. The vocals continue to hit you with harsh clean vocals and catchy lyrics in the refrain. The best part is the wild guitar solo towards the middle of the track. The drums are thrashing in the background while wicked melodies fly through the air with hell raising sounds that’ll send chills down your spine. You’ll definitely find yourself jumping to hit the replay button by the end of the song.

For a band that’s been around since 1968, Accept has come through with some pretty incredible new material. Unlike Van Halen, they’ve stuck to what they do best and delivered another great heavy metal album. “Stalingrad” stays pretty well balanced and yet has a little something different in each track. The solos are phenomenal and the guitars are heavier than ever. Definitely check this album out!


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