Friday, April 20, 2012

Cimmerian - Infinite Perdition (2012)

Out of a small town in Illinois comes a fresh new death metal band by the name Cimmerian. They have released their new album, entitled “Infinite Perdition” which shakes the ground with relentless double bass pedal drumming and monstrous growls. The guitars are fierce and full of energy however the band also manages to use acoustic guitars within some of the tracks as well.

The album starts off with “Deafening Admission” which contains calm soothing acoustic guitars combined with light keyboards that float in the background. After this short period of time, hell raising guitar riffs come blaring through with distortion. Monstrous death metal growls begin to echo through the air as double bass pedals rumble violently beneath you. Relentless snares and cymbals blast away as they take you to the refrain. The vocals in the refrain switch to a more evil sounding growl while a wicked guitar solo follows right after. The final minute returns to the mellow acoustic guitars and strings surrounding you with beautiful tones.

You’re shaking with the heavy opening chords in “Desolate.” As the chugging begins, a catchy melodic lead will step in with wicked tones. You won’t be able to help but bob your head to this. On top of that, double bass pedals come rolling in with quick speeds and high shattering cymbals. A harsh growl is placed in the background and plays more as an instrument than a vocal. The muddy tones leave an aggressive sound in the mix. About halfway through the song the growls step towards the front as they echo over the vicious drums and guitars. Shortly after follows another catchy guitar riff full of heavy distortion. The song structure is quite impress. Definitely make sure you check this track out.

“Confounding Delusion” and Haunting Contrition” keep the aggression going with their wicked fast guitar work and devilish growls that lye in between. Meanwhile the double bass pedals throw thunderous beats with rapid speed. The drum rolls are full of detailed snares and toms combined with more relentless cymbals. These tracks will have you up and moshing in no time.

The only issue this album are the vocals in “Barshnee A Ba” and “Sincere Beginnings.”Aside from the fact that the guitar work and drum rolls are insane, the vocals seem to completely rip off the vocals of the band Dethklok. You don’t run into this problem until these two specific songs. The delivery in the growls are in that quick chomping speed that almost sounds like its word for word with a few Dethklok track. This was a big turn off to the album. Musically it stills stands pretty strong but it’s the vocals that make you take a step back.

Overall “Infinite Perdition” is worth the listen. It’s got some gorgeous acoustic riffs that really show a bright side to this dark album. The ominous guitars and booming double bass pedal drumming keep things evil and violent. If you think you’re gonna be turned off by the vocals I suggest you at least listen to the first four tracks. Those are what make the album what it is.


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