Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Great Sabatini - Matterhorn (2012)

Sometimes strange and weird is a good thing right? Well it is for The Great Sabatini. This four piece from Montreal keeps shows off some unique melodies and song structures in their new album, entitled “Matterhorn.” The album contains six tracks, each with their own odd melodies keeping things refreshing throughout it’s entirety. It’s tough to categories this band as far as genre goes however you will definitely find a good mix of stoner, psychedelic and progressive tones.

“City Limits” opens the album with scratchy guitar riffs overwhelming distortion. Relentless snares pound away as muddy bass lines shake up the background. The vocals consist of faded screaming growls that play more as an instrument than a vocal. The mix keeps the guitars up in front through most of the track. The slow chugging guitar riffs that blast away violently is what really makes this song worth while. You’ll find more of this in “Zacios.” Strange guitar melodies lead to even more odd sounds as you’re hit with complicated patterns. The vocals rip right through you with its wicked performance. Meanwhile you’re ran over by complex drum rolls and splashing cymbals. Unfortunately the song is only three and a half minutes long so you’re probably gonna want to hit the replay button.

Deadly chugging guitars really shake things up in “Null And Void.” Layered guitars open up the song with screeching chaos. Reckless shouting takes over the background while the snares and cymbals go insane with detailed patterns. The guitars are relentless with their chugging riffs and over the top distortion effects. Their wild slamming guitar chords share a similar sound to that of the band Gojira. “Wagons” knocks you on your ass with its wild guitar riffs and random melodies. Once the vocals come in, they pretty much suffocate you for the rest of the track leaving you no time to even catch your breath.

The album comes to an end with “Sad Parade Of Yesterdays.” This nine minute long track starts out with psychedelic acoustic riffs that are slowly accompanied by distorted guitars. This shows a strong progressive side to the album and provides you with some time to collect yourself after just being pulverized by the previous track. About three and a half minutes in is when the monstrous chugging guitars come in. They are combined with reckless muffled vocals. The drums are constantly changing patterns with thunderous kicks and high hitting cymbals. Muddy distorted guitars consume you deep into the track as you become lost in its trippy tones. Get ready to fall off you seat because the last three minutes of this track is filled with explosive drums and relentless screeching guitars that scream deafening sounds in your ear. They really end the album with a bang with this track.

Aside from the crummy recording, “Matterhorn” is definitely worth listening to. The vocal delivery is excellent and provides that stoner metal sound you love to blast. The guitar riffs are constantly destroying you with each and every wild note. The structure in each song keeps changing leaving the album diverse and unpredictable. As long as you can get over the shitty recording quality, the album can become very addictive.


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