Friday, May 4, 2012

Dehuman - Black Throne Of All Creation (2012)

Lurking from the shadows of Belgium comes a new death metal band by the name of Dehuman. The group has recently released their new album, entitled “Black Throne Of All Creation.” The album contains nine hard hitting tracks that are sure to shatter skulls. The recording of some of the guitars are a little muffled but the drums and vocals are perfect. I hope you like punishing drum rolls and relentless growling vocals.

The opening track starts off with scratchy guitar riffs and demonic tones in “Apocalypse And Perdition.” Harsh growling vocals kick in along with hammering double bass pedals and snapping snares. Moshing is your only option.During the bridge you are murdered with monstrous guitars chugging away while a wicked solo steps in with reckless notes. The snare becomes relentless as it drills into you along with shattering cymbals. This six minute track will definitely break some bones.

“Monstrosity In The Hands Of God” continues the slaughter with immediate growls jumping right in. Melodic guitars fill the background with ominous sounds while the drum rumble heavily beneath you will complex fills and insanely fast double bass pedaling. The tempo changes up so drastically so often you won’t be able to keep track of when to bob your head. It definitely keeps you at the end of your seat throughout its entirety. Later you’ll come across another six minute monster, entitled “Spiral Of Loss.” The beginning delivers a wicked growl that will send chills down your spine. It echoes with reverb and sends you right into jack hammering double bass pedal drums that are just waiting to obliterate you. A vicious breakdown enters after the first verse throwing devilish chugging guitars in all directions. This is where you throw your devil horns in the air.

Muddy guitar chugging riffs roll at you in “Harvest The Sun.” The groovy melody gets you on your feet immediately. As the drums come in with booming patterns, the vocals jump in on top with demonic growls delivered in fast chomping tones. They definitely rip a whole right through you. The final minute contains wicked double bass patterns along with more monstrous chugging as you hear a man screaming for his life at the very end.

The album comes to an end with “Black Mamba” and “Path To Oblivion.” The first track consists of wild melodic guitars all through the verses while heavy kicks and snares explode in the background. Dominating growls completely destroy you with their vicious lyrics. Make sure you check out the drum rolls towards the last minute of this one. The drum fills are most impressive. The final song opens with sinister guitar riffs that chug away in slow patterns as detailed drum rolls send you into another world with their wicked fast speed. Snares rolling into toms and back into snares all within seconds. The haunting growls enter after about a minute and a half in. The verse contain barking growls that chip away at you little by little. Machine gun double bass pedals come back in with insane speeds that completely pound you into the ground.

The drumming alone will easily have you coming back to “Black Throne Of All Creation.” You won’t be able to resist the incredible double bass patterns and detailed snare to kick rolls. The vocals are overall average for a death metal band however they do manage to deliver a solid sound throughout the album. If you’re looking for some new death metal with violent tones that’ll blow your speakers then definitely give Dehuman a chance.


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